Grandpa is the greatest! Book

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Grandpa is the greatest!


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Being alive is great, being healthy is awesome. As someone who already reaches 81 y/o and yet still farming to put food on the table, I always proud of myself for not being a burden to my son/daughter and grandson/granddaughter at all. In order for them to live comfortably on their own little family, I leave my son's family and refuse his offer to live with him, and then go back to my hometown, the little house on the corner of Sumatra Island I was born at where signal still has trouble to even reach. There is a river nor far from there, my father's land that's quite wide that hadn't been sold to the point of almost beaten up by a certain bad entrepreneur, and sometimes a little friend who would come and goes as if merely saying hi. *Bzzzt Installing the system...process...system had been installed. When I thought my old little life needs more spice, this weird thing suddenly appears in front of me and giving me a new brand look to the world.


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