1 grandma's story

one day a little girl name lilly about 6 years old claimed up on grandmother lamp; lilly was sick and had a something called epilepsy. lilly know so.wthing that know one else didnt. she looked at grandmas cold tired eyes and ask grandmother in a tired voice "I think it's time." Grandmother, wished and old started telling the story of this little boy named Míllö. She closed her eyes and played back with lilly laying beside her. Mom and dad, even big brother sat around grandmother. Grandpa making his way to the chair beside her and the dog comes and sits next to little lilly. Little sister comes. Mom and dad trying not to cry; once everyone gather around grandmother ready to listen she told her story about míllö. grandmas brother..grandmas and everyone relaxed and listened to grandmas story.. Míllő is a young little boy; hes 6 y es are long and loves the outside world. He had a older sister name Qïnníe but she was favorite by mom and dad.. Míllö never liked being around other people. One day when he was out in the woods, he came across the small river with frogs fish and bugs peacefully injuring themselves at the river. Míllö with a strong believe looked over and saw a deer. This deer he has seen befor. The deer was tall and stunning.as fog started forming around míllö he began to worry. The deer waiting for him to cross over the small river shocked his head back and forth. He crossed the river and held on to the deer. The deer was tall and beautiful with flowers and vines hanging over the horns. The eyes of the deer were a whitish greenish color. the fur was a light brown going into a dark brown. the hoves had feather liked hair at the end. míllö was then shot throw his sweet heart. his eyes flashed befor his eyes relishing how much he really gave up. blood soon went down his back as he started crying. The deet turned and turned into a lost mother with elf ears and horns. Tears ran down her face as she can feel the pain the child was going through. mïllo droped dead and beaco.e knows as "Him". Traped in the forsted for ever with an arrow sticking out if his chest he say the angle and he say death. But often wonder around the same forsted looking for a friend. One day, he found one. Little girl with just as much belief and love he had. the little girl looked to be the same age. lonly and sad he tried to talk with her. but the little girl sat down next to a tree and read a simple book. tears ran down his face as he was so lonly. He so her more and more. as she grow it was her 14 birthday. As he was out walking next to her into the woods walking g to the same tree. the same deer that mïllo saw was trying to get the little girl to follow. as she leand closer to the stream a man ran up behind her and and then killed her. She rolled her eyes to the back of her head as the curse man creeped he chained her body down so when she became a spirit she couldn't leave. As death looked around not to far from the man the he creaded the fog, the man got chilling vibes and tried heading back but walked in circles. Death stood infant of him only a few feet on his dead horse. dead changed him down and shot him with a bow. the chains dragging him to hell. Mïllo looked at death with a cold blank star as a angle pulled the girl up to the closed where she wasnt to be seen mïllo looked in confusion and asked " why her". with the question he asked hes eyes teared up and started crying. Mïllo was even more confused beacues he wasnt sad. Death pointed the way back to his house. he walked and walked u till he saw what was now an old shack he called him. There was his sister. still moping around. Mïllös sister was able to see mïllo. when she saw him she cried as she say the arrow throw his chest and blood floating around him. she followed him back to where he was when he died. next him was his skeleton body and a jar. his body was trap to the tree with a bird above it. Mïllo looked at himself and then at his sister. looking at the jar there was a dead lizard and flowers. Mïllo sister was sad but couldn't understand what was going on.

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