Gradually Mine [ON HOLD]Gradually Mine [ON HOLD]

Gradually Mine [ON HOLD]

by enphantome_

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Artemis Francia who felt as if she never belonged with fleeting goals on Earth had a dream to change her world and find out where she truly belongs. A mysterious man decided to make her hidden desires come true by… transporting her to a book as the villainess? Does that make sense? What would she do in an overly sweetened book meant to make readers diabetic? And so she was left to live in a whole new world in one condition; she was to become talented, unlike her previous self who could only pointlessly dream without achieving anything. Would this blessing help her realize just what she was truly fated to do? But wait, why is the story slowly deteriorating from the plot? The start had been fine and everything was done just like a script for a movie. Why did it seem like a lot of things were happening that were not supposed to be? Why did this sweet light novel suddenly turn to a swirling string of endless schemes? And as Artemis continued to live as Artemis Don Celothien Francia of the novel, she encounters trouble with the plotline and her life was thrown into a sinkhole of endless conspiracies and zero coincidences.

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