508 The Domineering Nethery

Translator: CatatoPatch Editor: Vermillion


The clear and melodious sound of cloth and silk being torn resounded as it echoed throughout the entire shop.

An Gu's black robe was torn into pieces by Whitey as it turned into shreds of clothing which floated down from the sky. An Gu's body which was hidden under his black robes was gradually revealed to the world.

Everyone who was present looked at An Gu's body and sucked in a breath of cold air. Their pupils constricted as well. When the customers in the surroundings saw An Gu's body clearly, they couldn't help but exclaim in surprise. After the feeling of shock overwhelmed them, a terrified expression appeared in their eyes.

Under the black robes, An Gu had a head full of short red hair. His skin was pale and it seemed as though there was no blood flowing in his body. A pair of crimson eyes had strands of confusion and panic. However, it was an undeniable fact that his face was extremely pretty. It was a face which exuded a heroic beauty.

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