1 Chapter 1

Since the beginning of time there has been good versus evil, light versus darkness. But sometimes, the two come together and create a beautiful love, for which, there is no equal. A love that is intense, beautiful and dangerous. Can you imagine for one second that you are a beautiful Princess and everyone at your heels to seek attention? This is where it all began for Princess Tessa Jones in her Kingdom of Evigon.

Princess Tessa didn't need help looking beautiful with long black straight hair, dark purple dresses with corset's that swallowed her figure, dark green eyes, standing at five feet eight inches and one hundred thirty pounds. She always wore white stockings with her dark purple heels. She grabbed her dark purple satin cape then opened her wooden door from her room turning to face one of her guards Larkin Malachi, he had dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, standing six feet tall, weighing about one hundred twenty pounds.

Tessa cleared her throat saying,

"Larkin, I need you to take me to my father."

Larkin bowed guiding her to where her father King Xavier Jones and Queen Deanna Jones, they were in the throne room. Evigon had a symbol with a black dragon,deep blood red background and a black rim for them to stick out. The throne room within view Tessa placed her hand on Larkin's shoulder saying,

"I got it from here, wait outside the door."

He bowed letting her go in than stood by the door as Tessa walked across the floor to her father saying,

"What did you need father?"

The king stood up from where he was in his medal chair replying,

"My sweet princess, glad you are here, I need to discuss marriage with you."

Tessa placed her hands in front of her bowing to her father responding,

"Yes sir, you told me that since I am now sixteen that I have to find a husband."

He nodded walking down the couple of steps placing his hands on her shoulder's replying,

"You need to be able to find a Prince within our following Kingdom's. I am sending you to Kingdom Chirene to meet Prince Kieffer Dion, he will be meeting you by horse near his Castle along with his father and mother. You are to be respectful and listening. Understood?"

Tessa nodded replying,

"Yes sir."

Xavier kissed her cheek responding,

"You will have two days with Kieffer if he doesn't meet my standards by any means, you will be sent back here urgently. You will be in separate room with everything you need. Kieffer has been told not to disturb you at night. I will see you when you return, go pack you're bags."

Tessa bowed then off she went to go back to her room to pack her bags for her trip to meet a Prince. Larkin tapped Tessa on the shoulder as they headed back to her room saying,

"Princess, not to alarm you but did I hear the King say you are going to meet Prince Kieffer?"

Tessa turned around smiling replying,

"Yes, daddy said I can meet him and be with him for two days. Why?"

Larkin got down on one knee breathing heavily looking at Tessa with love responding,

"I want to give you this ring to ask you're hand in marriage. Will you marry me Princess Tessa Jones of Evigon?"

Tessa blushed fanning her tears away with her mother and father standing in the doorway with a frown shaking their heads no disapproving of their Guard of ever marrying their Princess. Tessa looked down at Larkin loving the way he looked and with a sheepish smile awaiting her answer than looking at her parent's again as they kept shaking their heads no. Tessa looked down at the ring, seeing it perfectly gleaming at her but she had closed the box saying,

"I am sorry Larkin, I can't."

Tessa ran to her room with tears falling hard from her eyes at that moment she hated her parent's making her waste such a wonderful man's honest loving heart, they were best of friends. Tessa wasn't going to see Kieffer and had declined her first proposal which tore her apart. King Xavier came pounding on her bedroom door saying,

"You better answer this door."

Tessa crawled out of bed, walking to the door than opening it revealing her pissed off father saying,

"What is the matter with you?"

Tessa turned around walking to her bed replying,

"I want to marry Larkin but you and mom deny me of such love."

Xavier growled at her responding,

"You two having sex?"

Tessa raised a brow at her father replying,

"What? No...we have been seeing each other though, having lunch together on the lawn and enjoying time with one another."

Xavier's eye twitch holding in his fuse than let out a yell. Xavier pointed a finger at Tessa responding,

"I am going to kill your lover, you better say goodbye to your precious boyfriend. I told you time and time again that you weren't to fall in love with a guard in our Kingdom and you disobeyed me."

Tessa felt more tears fall replying,

"No, no...daddy please..don't."

Xavier stomped across her floor than grabbed her by the throat responding,

"I am and you can't do anything about it, Larkin is dead, YOU HEAR ME DEAD!"

Xavier tossed her body on the bed as she felt herself cry, she knew her mother would be next to punish her for being in love with Larkin. Tessa heard her door flew open at that moment to see Larkin coming to her saying,

"Princess, I am so sorry, please we have to run away from here."

Tessa shook her head no replying,

"My dad is already going to have you're head there is nowhere to run to."

Larkin sat down next to her wringing his hands responding,

"I wish they would realize our love but I know there is nothing I can do."

Tessa sat up holding his hands replying,

"I am a Princess, we don't get choices like normal beings."

Larkin took a deep breath looking at Tessa seeing her deep green eyes responding,

"I must go, do know I love you."

Tessa kissed his cheek replying,

"I love you too."

Larkin left without another word leaving Tessa to her thoughts. Tessa obeyed her father packing her bags as a Angel swept across her room saying,

"Why are you so angry and upset, dear Princess?"

Tessa saw the lady with beautiful long straight blonde hair down to her back with white big wings, baby blue eyes, standing at five feet nine inches, weighing barely ninety pounds it looked like as Tessa replied,

"Because my father won't let me marry a guard in this Kingdom that I love."

The Angel came up to her gracefully touching her face responding,

"I am Laila Kingston from Kingdom Ruitha that is in the sky, does your parent's know about being bisexual or lesbian my dear Princess?"

Tessa shook her head no at Laila replying,

"I am only allowed to marry men that are Prince's."

Laila shook her head no back and forth responding,

"Don't sob over that guard, I must go though my father is looking for me."

Tessa smiled replying,

"See you soon Laila?"

Laila smiled in return responding,

"Yes my Princess."

Tessa watched Laila fly away with curiosity as to why a Angel visited her. She'd finish packing her bags than carrying them beside her bedroom door saying to herself it is only two days with Kieffer no longer. Tessa cleared her throat saying,


He came rushing in seeing that she had her bags packed replying,

"Princess, you are leaving?"

Tessa nodded her head up and down than bent down tossing him her bags to carry responding,

"I am going to see Prince Kieffer to make my father happy so he won't behead you with my own eyes, I don't want to lose my faithful guard."

Larkin nodded replying,

"Take you to you're father?"

Tessa shook her head no responding,

"You are taking my bags to the coach that is awaiting me. I am going to see my dad on my own to let him know I am heading to Chirene to meet Prince Kieffer."

Tessa shooed Larkin away as she made her way to her father's room, she reached it within a few minutes since their rooms weren't that far apart as she pounded on the door in a irritated voice then King Xavier came to the door saying,

"Tessa, what is the meaning of all the racket?"

Tessa stood tall looking at her father's eyes replying,

"I am leaving as of right now to go meet Prince Kieffer in Chirene, I will be back in two days. While I am gone, I wish for you NOT to behead Larkin, he's faithful to our Kingdom and as my guard. I will take two other guards with me but NOT him."

King Xavier gave a smile bowing his head responding,

"Good, I will see that Larkin is kept busy with other duties in the meantime. You can go now my daughter." Tessa bowed as her heels clicking against the tile leaving her Kingdom in silence. She had a promise to keep and that is to make sure to find a proper Prince to be married too.

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