Gotham's Bug: Back From the Dead Book

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Gotham's Bug: Back From the Dead


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It's been 2 years since Marinette's death and everyone is back to normal, well excluding the fact that a ray of sunshine is still missing from their lives. Ryuko and Viperion are now leading the Miraculous team against Hawkmoth and Mayura and slowly but surely, Chat can feel his purpose as a wielder fading away. What's the point of a cat without his bug? But everything changes when Talia Al Ghul discovers a body in a river and Marinette discovers that she's no normal human. Join the bats in their mission to rescue their beloved angel from the League of Assassins in the sequel of Gotham's Bug. --- Her midnight blue hair caught the attention of a nearby light as it glimmered and sparkled under the light's gaze. She turned around. Robin stumbled. He'd recognise that arch of barely visible freckles anywhere. And her eyes! The eyes that had always seemed to draw him in and read him from inside-out stared back at him. The glint of recognition on her face was gone so soon that he thought he'd imagined it. The room remained silent until she spoke.


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