1 1: Barthogan ''Black Barth'' Stark

God's an Asshole, don't get me wrong I was by no means an atheist in my past life, but wasn't a believer either. I paid respect to it however which made the fact that God killed me and Reincarnated me an Asshole. Now the place he Reincarnated me I had little issues with, but did he have to Reincarnate me in the Frigid North as an Elder Twin Brother of Lord Eddard ''Ned'' Stark?

I seriously abhor the cold, and this is from someone who lived in the Southernmost part of a Northern Island, but best I can do is make the most of it. I'd been here for the better part of five years, and already showing my genius, which really was just me revolutionizing the North.

Whiskey, Vodka, Bourbon, it all poured outwards from the North. In addition to this was the advantages of modern Greenhouses and Fertilization of Farmland Soil. The secrets to the creation were a closely Guarded secret, because as luck would have it I was a Warg, which for whatever reason allowed me to understand and control animals in some type of mystical telepathic symbiosis shit.

I didn't understand it all that much either.

My name was not a favorite of mine, but short of going to Essos what choices did I have to change it to something more to my liking?

Whoever I was before was a dead memory, because now, now I am Barthogan Stark....


(Winterfell, The North, The Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, Westeros, GoT Universe)


Barthogan Stark was his name, but for many he was the Northern Genius, who at the tender age of five ensured that practically overnight, House Stark went from the Twelfth Richest Family to the Second.

His instantaneous success sowed belief he should be the Heir and not his Elder Brother Brandon, but Barthogan denied any interest, instead professing a desire to rebuild Moat Cailin and take it for his Seat. The newfound wealth of House Stark made such a desire Possible but it would take time, and in that time much could and likely would happen.

Right now, Barthogan was in the Yard Sparring with his Brother Brandon, if it could be called that.


(POV Shift: Rickard Stark)


Rickard Stark stood with his Wife Lyarra as they observed the Elder Brandon slowly lose to his younger brother Barthogan.

''I've received word from Lord's Manderly, Karstark, Baratheon, Dayne, Greyjoy, Martell, and Arryn, offering a Betrothal between Barth and Daughters. Sisters, and Nieces of their Houses. Barth's a bit young, but these are Opportunities we can't afford to pass up. A Single One of Our Fellow Great Houses is one thing, but Three is unprecedented. Lord Steffon offers his Daughter Cassandra, Princess Maria offers either Her Daughter Princess Elia or her second Daughter Princess Nymeria. Lord Quellon offers his Daughter, Lady Dalla, while Lord Arryn has offered his own Niece, Lady Mira.'' Says Rickard.

''And the others? What of the Manderly's, Karstark's, Dayne's and so on?'' Lyarra questions.

''Lord Wyman has offered his Sister, Lady Wyllia, while Lord Rickard offers his Sister Alyssane. Similarly Lord Dayne has offered Either of his Sister's, the Ladies Ashara and Allyria. We've received other offers of course but those are the important ones to really and truly consider.'' Says Rickard.

''And what of the Fosterings? Have you received word?'' Lyarra asks with a small frown.

''Lord Ryswell has agreed to foster Brandon, as for Barthogan and Ned, Lord Jon Arryn has offered to foster either one of our twin boys alongside Lord Steffon's Eldest Son Robert, while Lord's Augustus Tarly, Luthor Tyrell, Johan Royce, Steffon Baratheon, Hoster Tully, Tytos Lannister, and you get the idea, they all want to foster Barthogan.'' Says Rickard.

''Lord's Augustus, Steffon, Hoster, and Jon are the only men outside the North Worthy to Raise My Barthogan.'' Lyarra says with a hint of the very fierceness that caused Rickard to fall in love with Lyarra in the first place.

''I agree, Which is why I believe that we should let Barth decide where he goes and to give his own thoughts as to whom he wishes to be betrothed.'' Says Rickard as said little genius sends Brandon sprawling onto the slick muddy ground.


(POV Shift: Barthogan Stark)


Having sent Big Brother Brandon flat on his Arse into the mud after ringing his head like a bell, Barthogan was currently seated before his father and mother.

''We've received several offers of Fostering for you, and want your thoughts.'' Says Rickard.

''Mother's stance suggests that Several Betrothals have been added into the mix as well, and you want my thoughts on both.'' Barthogan deduced, knowing his mother better than anybody short of his Father.

''Yes, We've narrowed down on whom we feel would be best to foster you, but we would also like to have your thoughts on who you might wish to be betrothed to in addition to your Fostering. Here's the Lord's in question.'' Says Lyarra passing over the letters in question.


''I admit that Cassandra Baratheon I find the most intriguing, however I do not wish to dismiss the other's out of hand. Perhaps we might host a ball and use it to covertly meet my suitors under the cover of celebrating the success my creations have brought House Stark. Invite all the Great Families and their Principle Bannermen, but instruct the Families of my suitors and potential suitors to the truth of the Ball.'' Suggests Barthogan after reading the Letters.

''Are we sure your Five Namedays and not ten?'' Rickard James earning a slap upside the head from Lady Lyarra.

''And the Fosterings?'' Lyarra asks.

''Based upon these letters I believe that it be nothing short of a Mistake not to send Ned to Jon Arryn, as I've heard the Young Lord Robert is quite the Stormlands equivalent to Brandon. Perhaps Ned could acquire experience in handling someone like Brandon without the Familial bond between us Brothers Will help Ned and I make Brandon's rule less unruly. As for me, I admit that I find Lord's Steffon, Hoster, and Augustus The most appealing.'' Says Barthogan, as he frowns Thoughtfully.

Honestly Choosing Lord Steffon was the Safest option outside of The North or Lord Hoster, but if he chose Lord Hoster would that fuck up the Rebellion? It was a very real and very unnerving possibility.

He could ask his Father if he could Foster him within the North but if he did that lose out on who knows what.

''Ultimately, I'd need more information on those three Lord's, invite them specifically the Ball, so that I might judge them for myself. If that's all Father I must resume my training.'' Barthogan says, departing after receiving a nod


(POV Shift: Lyarra Stark)


Watching her Boy fire Arrow after Arrow into the Target was oddly soothing to Lyarra Stark. He had a Sharpshooter's Grace about him. The way he attained a singular focus and calm in nocking Arrow after Arrow and the calmness about him showed a talent that bellied his years, it was equal parts terrifying and Fear bringing.

But he was her Wolf Pup, a Black Sheep didn't exist in the Stark Family, they had Black Wolves, and it was as plain as day that Barthogan was the Current Black Wolf Of Winterfell and House Stark.

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