1 A Bachelorette Suddenly Married When Awakened

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When Tang Chi woke up, she felt something warm around her.

She moved her fingers and felt a kind of smooth fabric. As her fingers moved along, she finally located where she felt the warmth from, its source seemed to be a human body.

Tang Chi's body reacted faster than her mind. For a moment, she thought that she did something to her little boyfriend. 

However, her little boyfriend usually wouldn't dare to lay a finger on her. Furthermore, she was drunk after the celebration party last night. Surely, he wouldn't dare come close to her when she was drunk?

As Tang Chi's hands subconsciously moved, something abruptly grabbed them. A deep and attractive voice that sounded as smooth as a cello whispered: "Didn't you say you look good sleeping?"

Tang Chi quivered.

Although the beautiful voice could intoxicate an audience, Tang Chi couldn't help but shiver at the iciness of the voice she just heard, because of this, she began to sober up.

There was no way this was her little boyfriend! He didn't have such a beautiful manly voice.

Tang Chi swiftly opened her eyes. It was still quite dark and only a faint light was visible.

Clearly, it was still night time.

However, this did not prevent Tang Chi from seeing someone lying on his side with his back facing against her.

Her mind was a mess. She subconsciously sat up and was slightly stunned.

Did she get drunk, lose all judgment, and did something bad with this man?

The figure in front of her suddenly moved. Then, the lights were instantly switched on, this caused Tang Chi's eyes to sting a little. Because she was unable to get used to the piercing light so quickly. Her pupils constricted as it tried to focus on the man, however, when she finally managed to take a glimpse, she saw a face that shocked her.

When she finally got used to the light and completely opened her, she was even more shocked than before.

The man was sitting up. He wore black pajamas that looked like they were made of silk with expensive-looking textures on the fabric.

The man before her had perfect facial features with dark eyes that seemed like sparkling obsidian. He had a tall and sharp nose with thin lips that curled in a straight line. He appeared to be somewhat confused as he looked at Tang Chi.

Such a perfect face! Every single trace of his cheeks seemed to have been carefully measured by God himself before it was forged.

In contrast to the air that he gave off, which was—cold and dignified—this was a man that could make countless people scream. 

However, Tang Chi was not shocked by his extreme looks but by a sudden thought instead.

This was her newlywed husband, Gu Linzheng.

He was the heir to the Gu Clan of a wealthy family in the imperial capital.

Hold on... What new husband?

This idea appeared naturally in her mind as if it was normal. As this strange realization appeared, many strange memories began to fill Tang Chi's mind.

Even a fool would notice that something was wrong. After seeing Tang Chi's shocked expression, Gu Linzheng frowned slightly, he looked to be even more puzzled than her. "Tang Chi, did you have a bad dream?"

'Yes... Yes... this is probably a bad dream.'

"I... I..."

Tang Chi's voice was trembling a little as her mind began to fill up with a memory that felt completely different from what she already knew. It didn't happen to her and yet it existed so naturally that Tang Chi could not feel any conflict within her mind with these thoughts at all.

However, the biggest problem was Gu Linzheng.

In her 24 years of living, she had never seen Gu Linzheng before.

Not to mention, she could remember that she was at a party celebrating, how could she be married when she woke up!

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