14 Can I borrow a knife?

Seraphina's words of wisdom had a huge impact on Liam. He was a filial son, thus, he chose not to disobey his parents when he got engaged. Liam wasn't concerned about his upcoming marriage as he knew no one could fulfilled the missing part in his heart that she took away with her. He could pretend and show that he has everything but he couldn't fool himself.

Liam doesn't want to see her off. The time she was here even when she was in the state of coma was one of the beautiful time in his life. Quite selfish but he could atleast be with her. He knew this day would come but it was still hard for him to let go. So when seeing her retreating figure once again, he couldn't stop his raging emotions that could break his chained heart from its shackles. All these years, he would always ends up looking at her back. But this time, he wanted to be with her. He doesn't want to care about how messy the Yue family background because right now, he just wanted to be happy. He wanted the missing piece in his heart —back.


"Ey, can I call this harassment?" Seraphina chuckled. She wasn't bothered by Liam Jin sudden hug as she considered it a 'friendly hug'. She lightly patted his back as if consoling him. Liam tighten his hugged before he loosened it and let her go. A glint of determination flashed across Liam Jin eyes before he smiled lovingly at her. Seraphina wasn't stupid nor dense. She had a feeling that Liam Jin might or might not like her but she always throws that idea at the back of her head. As her lovelife isn't her top priority at the moment.

"Take care" his usual gentle tone was unusually emotional. He wanted to say more but the words were stuck in his throat.

"Okay, okay now. I shall go. Don't miss me too much!" She fled like a flash as she teased him for the last time.

The corner of Liam Jin lips turned upward as he displayed a bitter smile on his face.

'Im sorry but I miss you already. I'll see you soon, my love."


At the entrance of Jin Medical. Ace was standing infront of a mosaic black Chevrolet Spark(1). Seeing her leaving the establishment, he respectfully bowed before opening the car door. Before getting inside the car, Seraphina glaced at him. Ace caught the ambiguous smirk in his boss granddaughter's face. As he had the impression that she might have mental issues, he didn't think too much about it.

As Seraphina entered the car, she glanced at the drivers seat. She casually tap his shoulder causing the man on the drivers seat turned his gazed at the rear mirror. A sweet smile was plastered on her face before saying,

"Can I borrow a knife?"

As Ace entered the front passenger seat, he overheard her bizarre request. The face of the man at the driver seat twitched. Ace turned his head at the back of the car.

"Young Miss, Im afraid we couldn't fulfilled your request." With his usual flat voice Ace politely rejected her request.

"Ohhh." Seraphina said as she leaned her back at the comfortable fabric upholstery seat. Ace heaved a sigh of relief as she seemed to understood what he was saying. As they were on their way to the airport, Seraphina spoke.

"How about a gun?" Seraphina leisurely asked. The two men faced twitched as they heard another bizarre request coming from behind them.

'This girl seemed she watched alot of action movies. They shouldn't let people with brain deficiency watched those kinds of movies!' he thought.

"Young Miss, we were assigned for your safety so we cannot fulfill those kind of request." Ace calmed himself before declining another request from her.

"I see." Seraphina muttered as if she couldn't be bothered anymore. Seraphina wanted to do a reality check for the last time as she still has a 1% doubt about her 'reincarnation to the past' but these two seemed to be a little too dedicated with their work. Seraphina narrowed her eyes before her lips formed a mischievous smile.

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