28 Baby

After the email was sent, Seraphina lit a cigarette and leisurely took a long drag and puffed it. Glancing at the time, she pondered for a while before put out the half finished cigarette and stubbed it in the glass ashtray.

She busied herself gathering all tools and parts she needed in assembling a rifle and laid everything on the long work bench. Seeing the organized tools laid out in front of her, there was an impassioned gaze in her eyes. She glanced at one of the computer screen one more time before she turned her head back to the workbench. Her eyes twinkled as she rubbed her hands excitedly before she started assembling a rifle's upper receiver.

She installed the forward assist on the upper receiver followed by the ejection port cover with precision then proceeded to assemble the colt barrier. After a few test of the bolt and made sure it moves in and out with the bolt carrier freely, she then continue to assemble the charging handle. When the charging handle assembly was done, she didn't completely assembled the upper receiver for proper fitting as she was confident with her skills and would be troublesome removing it afterwards when installing the barrel assembly.

She slid the action block and inserted it at the back of the upper receiver—the ejection port cover popped open.

Satisfied. She closed the ejection port cover and the upper receiver into the action block. Reaching the halfway stages of installing the upper receiver, Seraphina once again, glanced at the time.

Seeing the time, she sighed as she spent 5 minutes doing the first few steps of assembling the upper receiver of the rifle— her expression turned solemn. She slightly tilt her head and continued to close the action block and placed it in the Vise and tighten it until it snug. then, slid the barrel into the threaded end of the upper receiver until it hits the pin at the back of the slot. Using a steel brush, she removed the coating from the barrel then unscrewed and separated the inner barrel retainer nut from the outer receiver nut.

Swiftly coating the barrel threads with a white lithium grease to keep the thread from galling and threaded the outer receiver nut on the barrel threads until it came in contact with the ejection port cover pin. then, she unscrewed the outer receiver nut past one full rotation; stopping when the gas hole on the outer receiver nut is lined up with the gas hole on the upper receiver. Then proceeded to coat the inner barrel retainer nut lightly with a white lithium grease.

She attached a takedown wrench to the inner barrel retainer nut —at least two of the pegs on the wrench are firmly inserted into the gas tube grooves on the inner barrel retainer nut then tighten it using takedown wrench until it snug. Installing the torque wrench into slot in the takedown wrench; when torque past 35 ft lbs until gas hole are aligned.

After checking the gas tubes slides freely through the gas holes, she removed the assembled upper receiver from the vise and action block.

She continued to install the AR-15 gas tube and gas block driving the gas tube roll pin through gas block and gas tube. Installing a 6-32 x 1/8 " plug screws (7) in the top of the handguard. She removed the sling swivel stud from retainer nut then placed the retainer nut inside the handguard track and screw sling swivel stud into retainer nut. Lining up the screw holes in free float tube handguard with the screw holes in the outer receiver nut, she install 6-32 x 5/16" flat head screws (7). She then attached the newly assembled upper receiver to the lower receiver assembly.

Checking the time, Seraphina sighed as she spent 40 minutes assembling an AR-15 rifle upper receiver.

"too bad…" she spoke meekly. Then, continued.

"Since you're my newborn baby… we'll have fun next time, alright?"

Seraphina grabbed the newly assembled AR-15 rifle then stood in front of numerous weapons attached on the wall. She took a 7.5- inch barrel AR-15 pistol then placed the rifle she assembled in exchange.

She once again glanced at the time—a foreboding smirk was formed on her lips.

The terrifying dark aura that surrounds her bespoke an upcoming calamity —she caressed the stealth black AR-15 pistol and spoke with a bone-chilling tone.

"Baby, you ready to run amok?"

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