1 production.

heyyyyyy so... TODAY am gonna tell you who are the charters✨


they are usally 3 girls and boys.

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1.nikki- is the social girl who is vlogging and stuffs

2. ashley- ashley is a very famous girl and becoming a mean girl.👑

3 trisha- trisha is the one who will be intrested in horror games and being friends with ashley and nikki.

do you have any questions non? okay so... this is boys names now. and thier personalty.

1. jake- jake is the famous boy in the school and also jake like's to read a comic book.

2 kyle- kyle is quiet person and has a big crush on nikki.

3. adrien- adrien is becoming a mean person but he's kinda nice too when you talk to him. and he also blush when talking to girls.

lets start to the begining?

its coming soon yet dont worry✨