1 Chapter 01: Goodbye cruel world

Have you ever felt that uneasy feeling in your life, as if something terrible was going to happen at any moment in your life?

That same feeling was what I was feeling right now. An uneasy feeling made my hands and feet drenched in a cold sweat. My heart, beating faster than usual, now had a layer of coldness covering it.

I was anxious, extremely anxious, and a little fearful of what I was going to face today.

I calmed my pounding heart, and with my mind submerged in my thoughts, I left my room to go down to the first floor.

My house was as quiet as ever. However, it was no wonder that no one lived in this home besides me. Not that I had parents in the first place... I didn't. I was raised by a kind, elderly couple who picked me up at their front door. Sadly, their life spans ended two years ago, leaving me alone in this world.

I miss them dearly.

I don't have a friend either, let alone a girlfriend. As a human, I feel very lonely.

Humans are social creatures, so they needed a group to socialize and start bonding for the future, something I don't have and may never have.

This left me alone in the house.

"... I'm hungry," I mumbled and opened the kitchen door to make myself breakfast. A relatively simple and light breakfast. However, even though the food was simple, it was pretty delicious.

"Ahhh, this is good...". With a satisfied smile at my delicious meal, I relaxed in the chair and patted my stomach.

"... Should I go to school? Mmm, the only good thing about that place is the terrace where I can relax. Besides, it seems to me that something is going to happen today. I don't know if that "something" is a good situation or a misfortune."

I sketched a wry smile.

"Considering my incredible luck that rivals that of the Lucky Goddess, it's most likely misfortune. Sigh~"

'Meh, who cares.'

Letting out a lazy sigh and predicting my bleak future, I got up from my chair and put on my school uniform. A white t-shirt with a tie hanging haphazardly from my collar and a black jacket resting over my shoulders. Underneath a pair of black pants and a black shoe that shined because of how clean it was.

With everything ready, I put on my wallet, where I carried everything I needed, although I hardly ever used it. Finally, I opened the doors. I put my hands in front of my eyes to protect myself from the sudden onslaught of sunlight.

"Fuck. First thing in the morning, I'm almost blind already." I cursed aloud and closed the door to the house.

Inhaling a big breath of air, which was not pure or fresh due to 21st-century pollution, I took the first step forward, not knowing what awaited me on my way to school.

Walking down the street, I watched the different types of transportation passing by on the main road. Some were speeding along, impatient, while others were driving more calmly. Although I wanted a means of transportation, a car specifically, unfortunately, the monthly money that comes into my pockets from my part-time job is not enough to afford to buy one. This is even more so because I have to pay my daily expenses.

"How hard life is...".

With that little murmur, I remembered what I had experienced a few months ago.

Because of a bit of trouble, I had at school, for almost killing the school bullies with my fists, the teachers expelled me for six months from the institution. During that time, I did nothing but go to my workplace, which was only a block away from my house. And during my free time, I enjoyed some excellent light novels, which, to be honest, we're pretty good.

Just by reading the words of some light novels, it was as if my soul was mingling with the letters and actions of those fantasy worlds, which, as much as I wanted them to be a real-world, was just the delirium of a boy who doesn't aspire or have dreams of anything in the dull and monotonous life.

Other than that, I had nothing to do except now that I had resumed my journey to my troubled school again. However, I know that if I don't study, the road ahead of me will not be pleasant, so I have no choice but to assimilate to the environment to survive.

"Hahh... so hot."

A sudden murmur brought me out of the realm of thoughts.

I jerked my head to the side and noticed a girl approaching me from across the street. She was beautiful, and the sweat running down her cheeks, along with her slightly funny face from the little pout she had, possibly angry from the heat of the sun, made her rather cute.

It was good to appreciate the art that was the woman. They were the perfect creation to complement a man's dull and lonely life. They needed protection and love.

Although sadly, not all girls were good or well-intentioned.

As if sensing me, the girl lifted her beautiful, sweaty face and looked directly into my face. I could clearly see her mouth open and close like a fish in water, but nothing came out of her lips.

She just stood there stunned, looking at me as if she couldn't find the words to express herself.

I was about to raise my hand to greet her...

Unfortunately, I didn't get that chance; after all, the cute girl, without a word to me, put her bag in front of her face and ran past me.

"Sigh~ I knew this would happen." In exasperation, I slapped my face.

Anyone witnessing this scene would think I was the ugliest existence, but the reality was ultimately the opposite.

"This appearance, rather than a blessing, is a damn curse..."

¡¡¡¡Who was it that said having the most beautiful appearance would attract girls like honey attracts bees!!!! Although it was true...

Who was it that said having the most beautiful looks would make it easier to woo beautiful damsels!!!!!

That's bullshit!

I myself am suffering this damn life for that reason. Many agencies looking for models came to me only to be rejected; my first time as a model was not a good experience, to say the least.

Even though I was popular with the girls, they never wanted to have a relationship with me. I even remember that time when the girl I had been in love with since I was a kid tearfully turned me down.

'I'm sorry, Adler, sniff..... I don't want to tarnish such a perfect existence with my hands... I don't want to earn the world's hatred for having you as a boyfriend...'.


If that wasn't enough, the main reason many bullies tried to bully me was my popularity and my looks.

Obviously, I didn't stand idly by. For that reason, fighting situations always ended with the bullies in the hospital and me getting expelled from school.

However, those thugs never learn; every time they recover, they bring back more mindless thugs to the point where I wondered where the fuck had gotten them from.

With everything placed on my shoulders, I slowly walked away...

Throughout my short life, all of this caused a lot of stress to build up in my fragile life. I really didn't want to leave my house anymore as I had no one to accompany me.

As loneliness causes serious mental problems, it is fortunate that I did not become mentally insane and deranged because of my lonely life.

As I walked quietly, I kicked the beer can I found along the way and kicked it hard towards where a trash can was.

I crossed my fingers and prayed hard as I closed my eyes. Then I heard the sound of the can, and when I opened my eyes again, I was surprised that the could bottle had gone inside the trash can. For the first time.

'Hehe, I really am amazing.

'I'm childish...' I added in my mind.

Some people passing by looked at me as if they were seeing a weirdo in the middle of the street, something I honestly didn't care about anymore.

Because of the crazy traffic, I walked pretty far away from the main street and only went along the edges, close to the walls that enclosed the houses. I didn't want to get hit by a car suddenly.

However, if fate willed, it didn't matter what one did to avoid a situation one didn't want to face since that trouble would come to you as if guided by the thread that bound you to it.

Thus, I could see with extreme clarity how two cars and a vast truck were dodging each other as they met at the corner for not having respected the traffic light, as if the drivers were senile older men.

It all happened so fast that in the blink of an eye, the truck, along with a car that was rubbing against each other, sending sparks everywhere, was already a few meters in front of me.

"Shit!" I cursed and jumped to the side, rolling on the ground.

But as I said before, if fate has something in store for you, no one can escape the cage without doors.

As the truck was several times bigger, the black car lost control and careened hard towards where I had dodged. I heard panicked screams from people; however, in this situation, that was the least of my worries.

I imagined all the possible scenarios of what could happen, and in each of them, I came face to face. Furthermore, I didn't have time to roll back when...


Sounds of bones breaking entered my ears as my lungs emptied of oxygen.

"Blergh...!" I vomited mouthfuls of warm blood that tasted bittersweet. The pain was excruciating; it was as if all my bones were being pulverized into shards of glass.

Ahh, this is hell.

However, I vaguely glimpsed that my body was still pinned to the nose of the car, which without stopping, plummeted to the ground, and with another clatter, my back slammed into the paved wall behind.

Having two physical materials squeezing my stomach and my back was so painful that it was as if my fragile body was about to split in two.

Maybe the lower part of my body had already been ripped off; honestly, I didn't know. All I felt at that moment was a wrenching pain that, although I wanted to scream, all that came out were grunts of pain along with blood gushing from my mouth.

My vision was slowly obscured by the blood pouring from the wound on the forehead of my head from the earlier blow against the car.

"Hey, kid! Are you okay? Hang in there! The ambulance is on its way." My consciousness clouded over, and the last thing I could catch were some rather comical and, at the same time, rather stupid words, considering the situation I was in.

If I were still conscious, I would roll my eyes and respond to the man's shout, "Of course, I'm fresh as a lettuce."

Usually, I believed that death would not be so painful; I was wrong. Fortunately, the blanket of darkness came to my aid. It gradually took over my consciousness until soon, I completely lost control of my body, and the pain that flooded me faded away.

I let out a last sigh in this world as a final farewell and waited patiently for my visit to the afterlife, that is, the visit to a beautiful Goddess.

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