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Golden Dawn (Naruto X Justice League)


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What is Golden Dawn (Naruto X Justice League)

Golden Dawn (Naruto X Justice League) is a popular fanfic written by the author EternalBliss4U, covering HAREM, DC, NARUTO, R18, ROMANCE, ACTION, DRAMA, STRONGMC, SUPERGIRL, Anime & Comics genres. It's viewed by 1.5M readers with an average rating of 4.59/5 and 39 reviews. The novel is completed and can be read all 119 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


There are now two versions of this story since I decided to reboot it. The new version will start different and Naruto in this would be different. The plot points from the previous version will also take place but more plot would be added in between. This time I will try better with the characters since most of them didn't have any screen time. The new version is called Emperor of Mankind -------------------------------- One life had come to an end but the regrets of the past live on. Witness Naruto adjusting to a new life without regrets in a world filled with hidden dangers and opportunities. Disclaimer: I don't own anything.


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Review at chapter 15 Itโ€™s really good, the gammer is good, and a lot of other thought provoking parts of the novel really enriched the world experience. ๐Ÿง I enjoy the character building such as the supporting character. The main character is naruto so he behaves a certain way from his world. This however thereโ€™s a possibility for change and his to learn after it, heโ€™s in an entire different genre. So talk no jutsu will be hard in the world heโ€™s in. Naruto however still had that personality and way of speaking that connects with people and thatโ€™s an important trait of his. The author does him great justice in this regard. ๐Ÿ˜Ž I offer and advice to give it a try, it wonโ€™t hurt and might surprise you. This novel might not be for everyone and thatโ€™s alright but it does provide good thought process on some situations and helps engage the people to debate over other topics. The novel does whatโ€™s it meant to do and that is to entertain and keep people enthralled. At chapter 15 there isnโ€™t much development but it has a lot of potential. The power balance might seem weird but the author explains himself and reason with proof and logic. I have no problems with the power dynamics and itโ€™s still a lot left to be explored. Romance is looking up, and seems to be quite the dynamic. So far thereโ€™s not troublesome characters that can cause major problems romantically but in the comics there are women who sleep around and are not very faithful. I donโ€™t believe the author will make naruto suffer in that way, so donโ€™t worry much about it. The author also engages and reads the comments so you can interact with him so if you have concerns he might reply. As for the release, itโ€™s good but there could be more. Lol thatโ€™s just my selfish want since I want to read more. Thereโ€™s also good amount of words so itโ€™s not short chapters. Go ahead and give it a try! ๐Ÿ˜


This is it, my fellow readers. This work of art has transcended the realm of fanfiction. Seriously, Naruto could have been a new Hero added to the DC-verse and I would have paid to watch the movie/series if it followed the plot of this webnovel. I actually think the title of webnovel is undermining it's value. This could have been written and sold as an actual novel. The setting is great. The romance is great, a bit sad with the harem feature, but I love all of the girls, so it doesn't matter. It is at least believable for once. He doesn't just **** them and then BOOM, undying love. They actually develop relationships before they go down the path of ***. Friendships exist as well, even with male characters (usually impossible in harem) so that is great. Also the character development is slow and natural. (He doesn't turn into a crazed killer in a second as some transmigrators in do in other stories) Really great work author! I am seriously looking forward to the rest!


This is a story about Naruto after his battle with Pain. He died while sleeping after the battle and got another chance in the DC world. He was brought for a purpose by Gaea because of his positive attitude and mercy. Kurama also accompanies him and they become friends. Here Kurama is more than just a battery for Naruto as he uses his so called genius intellect. Naruto also develops through out the story and grows stronger. He doesn't ki in the start since he made the declaration in the Pain arc bit with time he sees that it was the wrong decision. There are consequences here and challenges. Naruto doesn't one shot people on his level but one shots fodder. He works in a team and continues to grow while having fun. He will go back to the ninja world to finish what he started and to save it from the threats in the second part of the story. Naruto develops his powers and techniques. Learning more with the help of Kurama, Raven, his mother and Shay Veritas. Slowly he walks the path of becoming OP. It is a harem story but it takes time for them to get into a relationship. In the first part he gets together with three of them by the end of it. Second part he gets more. The other characters also get developed and change according to the circumstances. The DC side is comic level in power. Harem girls: Kara Raven Shay Veritas Donna Diana Poison Ivy Hinata Shiva I hope you enjoy. If you have any question, ask and I shall try my best to answer.


Not my cup of tea. However many will really like this novel and will be drawn to this style. The writing quality is very good for a fanfic. After 10 chapters i saw very few grammatical errors. The story concept is interesting but I found its delivery to be a mix of good and bad. My first issue is the lack of worldbuilding. The author tries to tell the story from primarily Narutos perspective but also writes in a way that asumes the reader already knows everything about the DC universe and characters while providing them sometimes with exposition for introductions. Many of the characters he meets arent introduced at all or are introduced through exposition rather than narutos interactions with them. I.e. we are told about Shay Veritas by the author rather than dialouge with Kara who is taking naruto to her at the time. Also, i would have almost no idea what anyone looks like without googling their appearance. My next point is contrary to what many are saying about the main character and progression of the story. I find this to be inconsistent. Sometimes naruto acts like the original character, then he acts mature sometimes, clever sometimes, and dense other times. It may be just the beginning of the story as i have only read 10 chapters, but i really dont see how others find this naruto to be consistently genuine. It is not bad and i have seen way worse. But it just does not feel like naruto which is also tied to the progression of the story. It is to fast. The story completely glosses over the emotional aspects of what the mc and others are going through. I.e. surprise, narutos mom kushina comes back to life from narutos soul. Their reunion is only a couple of paragraphs without any serious dialogue. No Kushina asking where they are, how she came back to life, etc. This is supposed to be something incredibly emotional for the mc and kushina but instead of a scene that shows this, we get kushina trying to set up naruto with the first two girls she sees. Then naruto turns around and promises to bring karas parents back to life for no reason. There is a disconnect between what we are told about the characters and how they actually act. Overall, thus story has promise but I wont be continuing. For some, the issues i listed wont bother them much and others will say that i am nitpicking. But for me, the lack of worldbuilding, inconsistent mc, and the pace of the story with more exposition than necessary while glossing over important events are simply not a cup of tea i want to continue with.


Reveal spoiler


A really good story, author brings justice to Naruto's character. His interaction with other characters is also good, specially with kurama. Stability of updating is also good and all, but I think the story is going a little bit fast. The only thing is that I want is for Naruto to be more brutal to the enemies in the future. If you like DC or Naruto, then it's a good read.


This review is purely based for those who wish to read but have come to the review section to know whats it about. 1. The story is amazing, at first i was really sceptical for naruto especially since we all know how the dc universe is soo fuked up but, it really gets more and more interesting. 2. This is not for the young mentality as well as internet karens i mean, just the name alone will spark some stupid reviews and comments i have no doubt. 3. The plot is amazing with great charcter growth and good mentality. My rating would be a 8.5/10 overall.


Hey Author! Is it Connected to the Past Volume like the DC Comic? Cause if it is it'll be awesome and chaotic with confusing setting!! Lol Good Luck! If not Mehh.. It's still Awesome. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚


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im being very harsh but man if this is a good idea ruined by lack of experience, it feels too rushed and everyone is just kinda going with the flow, and the explanations the autor gives for these are pretty basic or more like imagines them but he lack in the way of putting that in words,


Reveal spoiler


Excelente historia, pero despuรฉs del capรญtulo 40 ya se siente que pierde el ritmo la historia. La introducciรณn de nuevos personajes sin transfondos crea un personaje olvidable.




Now at chapter 100 I would suggest anyone reading this itโ€™s a good read. As a very cultured person Iโ€™ll give this fan-fic: 10 Chicken nuggets out of 10 chicken nuggets.


Ok now that Iโ€™ve read quite a bit of this Iโ€™ve changed the way I see this fan-fic. I like it, it was difficult to get past some parts as naruto was naive or it felt like the mc was belittled compared to other dc characters. If you get past the first couple chapters its pretty good.


MC irritates me for more chapters than I usually will read. there is some character growth at a plausible rate of development I suppose. imagination is used at different points in the fanfic...


Great read hope you keep updating this and do not drop please. . . .


don't stop please continue this ๐Ÿ™ story.................,..........m...... .. ...............mmmmm ................




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