Godsfall: A Return to Divinity
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Godsfall: A Return to Divinity


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What is Godsfall: A Return to Divinity

Read Godsfall: A Return to Divinity novel written by the author jungles on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Eastern Fantasy stories, covering reincarnation, cultivation, overpowered, myth, immortal. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Stars are not small or gentle - they are writhing, burning and dying. They are not here to be pretty; I am trying to learn from them. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The True Divinity, above myriad lifeforms and below near none, Seb, found himself injured from the explosion of a collapsing universe. Flying through the endless cosmos, coming to a seemingly small and insignificant corner of the great void on the continent of Tiandi, Seb collides with the body of a recently deceased youth, Po Tun of the One Dao Sect. Taking up the mantle of this youth, having possessed his body, Seb embraces the name Po Tun. And so, in this unfamiliar corner of the multiverse, Seb, or Po Tun as he resolves to call himself until he reaches True Divinity once more, begins cultivating again from the ground up. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This story is set in a world similar to that of Almighty Sword Domain, actually being a universe adjacent to the universe in which Almighty Sword Domain takes place, meaning in later parts of the story there might be contact with characters from Almighty Sword Domain... ;)


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