Gods & Demons Are Much Closer than You Think Book

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Gods & Demons Are Much Closer than You Think


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I seriously thought god didn't exist, just a made up stuff by some fantasy believing humans. Until I did something that at first didn't give much thought about it. I never thought that by mistakenly breaking a deity's statue and intentionally not giving a shit about it, would come back to bite my ass. And then I was introduced to a whole different world that I could never imagine it could ever exist in the first place. It was as if all the characters from fantasy novels and comics came popping right out in real life. People say Gods lives in Heavens, whereas Hell is the abode of Demons! BULLSHIT! You could meet them in the nearest bar, that's one of their most favorite hangout places. Whereas some do part time job like delivering pizza, attending school, holding overnight trips and etc. BUT I don’t give a shit! I just want to return to my normal life!