1 Prologue: Samsara and Karma

It goes without saying that Samsara is the best game on the market. With a 95% realism rate it has dominated the market for 3 years. The bases of the game is a second life that anyone and everyone can enjoy. You want to be a warrior or mage fighting off demons go for it. Do you want to make a country go for it. You want to cook with exotic ingredients go for it. In Samsara you can be anything you want and do almost anything if you have the right Profession. At the lead of the Profession Board stood Tian Long a gamer who has mastered over 30 non combat professions. From cook, to teacher, to merchant, blacksmith, alchemist, tailor, even fisherman this player has mastered them all. Those who can purchase his wares can get bragging rights for years. Sadly no one knows that this legendary gamer will soon be no more.

In real life Tian Long isn't as godly as people imagine. Born with a disease that keeps him weak he has never been able to do anything on his own. He isn't entirely unfortunate as he has loving parents who are rich enough to provide for him but sadly there still hasn't been any clue to a cure. His last day in Samsara he sold all his wares, converted his gold into RMB and donated the money to various hospitals and orphanages. He passes on at the age of 15. Never seeing the outside, or feeling the real sun on his skin, or even getting into a real relationship.

When he passes he finds himself standing or rather floating before a being claiming to be God. Due to his actions he gained massive amounts of God Karma along with the God who took pity on him for his life decided to grant him a chance to reincarnate and grant him 3 wishes. The boys first wish Absolute Condition. He didn't want to ever experience being so helpless again nor did he want to die easily in his new life. Second wish was he wanted a loyal system which would allow him to learn any profession like in a video game. His goal was to learn and experience as much as he can in his new life. Three he asked the God to bless his family who took care of him and loved him unconditionally despite him being useless. The God smiled.

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