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Godly Profession System (Evil Emperor's Wild Consort Fanfic)


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Born with a rare and uncurable disease a boy is forced to spend his life without being able to do anything for himself. Cook, clean, even bathing is something he has never been able to do on his own. Luckily he finds an escape in the VRMMORPG game Samsara. After three years he rose to be the Profession Master Tian Long. He had mastered more Professions in the game than anyone else. But sadly all has to end and the poor boy passes on. The Gods taking pity on the boy who despite his disease managed to gain so much good Karma decide to grant him three wishes and the chance to be sent to a random world to reincarnate. Things to be aware of. One MC will be OP in certain ways. Two MC is a flirt to both male and female characters and yes he likes BOTH genders. Three I am just writing this for fun Tags: System, OP Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Bi-Sexual Protagonist, Special Powers, Pets, Mythical Beast, Reincarnation, Cultivation I do not own any of the stuff you recognize from Evil Emperors Wild Consort. This is just a fan based parody or fanfic of said novel. I do not intend to take claim of any character other than my own self created one. EEWC was written by Xiao Qiye and is their property I do not claim nor have any intention of claiming it as my own making.