1 GodLand pt. 1

There was a vast room, some may even call it endless. It was shrouded in darkness, there wasn't much you could make out except two figures.

The first figure was was sitting on what looked to be a throne, all by himself. He was covered by the darkness, the only thing you could make out, was his eyes and his posture. He had piercing blood-like red eyes. His figure exuded immense confidence. He sat back in comfort. His arms were relaxed and placed on the sides of the throne. He picked up one of his legs and placed it diagonally across his other leg. He slightly lifted his left arm and placed his fist on the side of his chin. His voice sounded divine, it was low and slightly cold. "It's time to wake up.... you've been asleep for far too long... Kano.

The second figure was also covered in darkness but not to the same degree. The second figure's name was Kano. He had short and ruffled jet-black hair. He looked to be a bit on the skinny side and his skin was slightly pale. He had a silky white garment with a black dragon pattern swimming around it. On top of that he had a sleek black jacket type of garment that was left open. He also wore very dark black pants and black shoes. He was in a position similar to that of the fetal position, he looked to be asleep. However, after hearing the other man's voice, Kano's eyes began to shake and give way.

Was it of his own volition, or could he have been compelled to do so. Well..... there was no way of Kano knowing that... Finally, he raised his face and it all came into perfect view. His eyes were low but open, he had thick and natural eyelashes that would drive women crazy out of jealousy. The same could also be said for his eyebrows as well. His eyes were sharp and a brilliant golden colour, he had the appearance of a lofty figure, but not the stature of one. His features were sharp and appeared to be hand crafted by the gods themselves. His jawline, his eyebrows, his nose and mouth, they were all like swords, ready to attack at any moment. His mouth opened and a shockingly weak voice poured out. Kano seemed to struggle a bit but it finally came out.

Kano: ....What did you do to me?

The mysterious figure leaned in and replied to Kano. "Don't try moving around too much, I recently shifted you into my dimension and you're not used to it. First of all, you're not used to my dimension and second of all, you're not used to dimension shifting.... which is naturally going to happen to any human such as yourself. Also, to make our partnership a little bit easier, you can call me Zeus.

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