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Goddess Development System


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What is Goddess Development System

Read Goddess Development System novel written by the author Ocean0Gem on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering romance, adventure, system, cultivation. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Sarah Lee was your average typical ugly “nerdy” shut in who eased her pain by her only interest in life which was dreaming and reading about being one of those beautiful heroins who were looked upon as “goddesses” in a fantasy x love novel she was also a high-school girl who had no parents, only after being adopted by her aunt already taking care of her son and daughter, but this new family wasn’t perfect at all always being degraded by her relatives, being blamed for her parents death and everything else, one day it became a breaking point when her aunts daughter exposed Sarah Lee’s nudes to their school, when Sarah Lee found out she committed suicide!, but the gods didn’t let her off instead, they gave her this mysterious system called the “Goddess Development System”, watch as Sarah Lee goes from being a depressed teen to a beautiful goddess traversing through worlds!.


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Hey the author here giving 5 stars to their newly made book!, currently it’s still being written, but please check out the first chapter promise I’ll try not to disappoint you! Thank you so much if you do decide to check my novel out, and please give me constructive criticism if you find anything wrong with the book!


Should i pick this back up? I dont really Know if i should But tell me if i should ive always been interested in these type of novels but Idk lol


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