Goddess Collector: Every Hole is a Goal
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Goddess Collector: Every Hole is a Goal


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What is Goddess Collector: Every Hole is a Goal

Goddess Collector: Every Hole is a Goal is a popular fanfic written by the author FanHarem, covering HAREM, ANIME, MULTIVERSE, TRANSMIGRATION, GAMES, RAPE, INCUBUS, FLUFF, COMICS, CARTOONS, Anime & Comics genres. It's viewed by 9.3M readers with an average rating of 4.6/5 and 222 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 636 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Current World: Marvel Credits to Allchemic for such a wonderful cover. Love you mate. *** Nik Faran, a son of the miserable harlot that lead a life of a miserable gigolo. His birth father is one of the top swordsmen that gave his mother the glory of entering his chamber now remained unknown. Passing years allowed Nik to polish his skills as a prostitute before he was suddenly made aware of the rumour that was the mythical Incubus Society. It was at that moment that his life finally changed. *** Links: If you wish to support me, then be sure to check out my patron. Patron: http://bit.ly/2mE8O4b Discord: https://discord.gg/egdFUe5 @ Fanharem#1354 Warning:The novel is based for my ambition to make the biggest fictional harem. Therefore, lemon scenes are the focus. This novel also contain minor degradation and few r*pe scenes. Proceed with caution.

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To be honest i had clicked this thinking it would have been some Pick up girls in a dungeon fanfic but boy was i blown away...The first chapter caught me off guard but i continued for... *cough* research purposes. But the story is real well developed. Even with going to different worlds from different anime the author gives enough information that even if you have no knowledge of said anime u can still follow along without any issue. Character development is done really well and nobody has been left forgotten so far with each girl having their own distinct personality but in a lot of cases their character gets developed a lot more in their respective anime. Highly recommend reading! P.S The H...*cough* research scenes are pretty well done too and its never the same thing as each girl has their different kinks in which the Mc has no shame in using against them.


O’ My Good Willed Sacred litle Spear" "O’ Lord of Hentai who bestows all of his power, libido, and wisdom to me.” "See clearly my heart, my thoughts, and my skill." "Now, O’ being who created the doujin and hentai..." "Behold my deeds, my hand, my review which I must carry out." "────5 Staaaars!


Damn, the quality is top-notch; (Said in a Swedish accent) Idk how many hentai you've watched or read in order to have such talent in writing the 18+ scene


Well, time for not so shameless review. Giving myself 4 star cause I am trying really hard and since this is my first novel, I really don't deserve five stars. Either way, this novel isn't intended to be a journey for power as the mc travels through the multiverse. Neither is it the story of a guy who puts his D in any P. I wanted to write about a manwhore who slowly finds his emotions and treasures the people believing in him, instead of simply tossing them away. Mc is a scum, so am I, the author. I don't need more revelation about my or my protagonist's nature. All I want to do is, write. Add hentai characters, game chracters, anime characters, dc/marvel/cartoon characters. I will be adding the predestined girls, but sure, I may think about adding your preference. Lastly, sorry for improper vocabulary or any deficiency in my writing.


Exp blacker than black and darker than dark, I beseech thee, combine with my deep level. The time of leveling cometh. Justice, fallen upon the infallible boundary, appear now as an intangible distortion! Dance, Dance, Dance EXP! I desire for my torrent of level a destructive exp force: a destructive force without equal! Return all creation to cinders, and come from the abyss! Burst forth, EXP EXPLOSION!! ----------- Oh, EXP shrouded in light Frenzied blaze clad in night In the name of the crimson demons, let the collapse of thine origin manifest. Summon before me the root of thy power hidden within the lands of the kingdom of demise! Burst forth, EXP EXPLOSION! ------ Crimson-black blaze, king of EXP sect, though I promulgate the laws of nature, I am the alias of destruction incarnate in accordance with the principles of webnovel creation. Let the hammer of exp descend unto me! ... Burn to ashes within the crimson. By my efflux of thousands exp, topple this level barrier ! Burst forth, EXP EXPLOSION! ------ The tower of exp creeps upon man's world, The unspoken faith displayed before me, The time has come! Now, awaken from your slumber, and by my madness, be wrought! Burst forth, EXP EXPLOSION! ------ EXP... EXP... EXP... Wielder of the most glorious, powerful, and grand exp explosion magic, My name is d!ckbutt. The blow that I am given to strike turns a blind eye to the fate of my kindred, rendering all hope of rebirth and anguish, and the model by which all forces are judged! Pitiful creature... Synchronize yourself with the red smoke, and atone in a surge of blood! Burst forth, EXP EXPLOSION! -Megumin Exp Explosion Chant(Cringe yeah, but its for EXP!)


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Reveal spoiler


This is quality.. you know For Academic Purposes (FAP).. I just hope that FanHarem includes Sword art online, RWBY, Against the gods, Dungeon defense, Highschool DxD, Fairy Tail, Furumetaru Arkemisuto Buraderuhodo, Dan machi and many more..


Before,I would actually flame this story with passion,but admittedly would still read it.But I don't want to read it more,so it would be mostly fast list of problems,and good parts of the story. Good things! This is good slice of life comedy,in a good tradition of akkikan works(that just steal concept of slice of life,from chinese multiverse fanfics,but tss!Remember,no plagiarism!) So if someone was off put by novel name,sinopsys or first 10 chapter- don't fret,there nothing bad to you fragile innocent souls! There is a lot of girls! And they so lovely and fluffy! They characters mostly intact,so as fanfic,it's take care of you precious wifey! Story is fine,nothing serious and not much trouble mc would have,even if some of them sounds like a big deal.So nothing could disturb you, from what is real treasure of the story- girls! Bad parts.....It's ironic but all bad parts is actually all good parts of the story.....What they say,too much of anyting can be a poison. It is slice of life story,when mc don't do anything until he treated to be put in grave......Well,yeah,he is on another level of existence,,,, Comedy parts and his guild members,take all t-ension(the word is banned,ARE YOU SERIOUS!?) and problems of the story,far more efficient and better,then nik ever could....I don't even wanna talk,of how much running gags here(first 10 times is okay,but no more) Character of mc is.....ugh...I would honestly say,he's development is horrible,but it's here.It certainly was how autor wants him to be....You see,he is like shanks without being op ,and more be like apathetic, shamless, pervert......Very convenient for story, I must say. And about him being incubus and whatnot.....he don't actually have lust or want's girls.....sigh.All sex scene,is good ,but it's so repetitive,there is like only two scene,that different from all others....And it's very mild,if nik wouldn't mention that he is demon of lust,I would forget.....so kudos,for remainding. Story itself lack any kind of t-ension,and tend to have chapters only on one small joke,or some cuddling....well,that is slice of life,what you expect? Girls handled only in fluffy-lovely way,that make it very boring....if you make it same as others,it's doesn't make me appreciate efforts that mc spends on her. Conclusion! It's a good story,but I'm not going to continue that,it's just too boring... But! Give it a chance,it's not bad,especially if you like slice of life with comedy,or akkikan works(someone trully like them?! Say it to me ,when you read at least 500 chapters of his *best* works,sigh).Adios amigos!




It's like reincarnation paradise but the mc here is pervert and weak. It's like reincarnation paradise but the mc here is pervert and weak.


I don’t know the author wrote a novel, or just a set of letters, because the endurance even on "literotica" is more than here. The hero falls from the sky, and that’s all ... an ox-wagon drove, all the girls attack him, all this is accompanied by “romantically refined” tenderness that makes me sick, this is not the author’s maturity. Extremely weak, contrast, stop, no. Just a tractor that is carried on rails. I can give an example of a wonderful novel where there is **** with a plot, for example - an "online evil dragon against heaven". This, one of the worst that I ever read, I am usually too lazy to write reviews, but when the novel is already angry, then I'm sorry.


A good hentai with a plot ? Hell yeah im in. Good good Good good Good good Good good Good good Good good Good good Good good Good good Good good Good good Good good


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To be honest I never expect much out of R-18 books but boy does this one take the peach. Dear author please keep releasing as long as it is convenient for you as this in terms of length quality and both types of plot greatly exceed other novels in the same genre.


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Author is often unassuming but which reader knew author's prowess in selecting and spinning magnetic words into fantastic chapters making up this oh-so-delicious tale as entitled. Thanks so much for such a delectable story. Expressions and mechanical accuracy have room for improvement to further enhance the vivid imagination of the tale.


Add a Rape tag Fuker! I hate reading **** like this!


Even if you don't like harem, you will like the scoundrel MC who roam this universe. Steadily he grows even if he needs to be cautious. ^_^ Congrats to the author about a so good work.


Amazing job so far. The MC isn’t some idiotic pushover, nor is he a complete asshat. All while still being a ladies man. He’s shameless, but has his own lines that he won’t cross. He’s also developing as a person as we go along. Strength and personality wise. The plot is pretty good, especially for a “traveler” style story. It’s got an interesting take on what I’d almost call a “gamers hub”. The mystery revolving around his heritage, and pretty much everything about how said hub is run/managed, is great. There’s lots of fun settings and characters from other fandoms. Obviously as a traveler fic that’s a given, but the fandoms are combined in interesting ways. And most importantly(joking... kinda), the smut/lemon scenes are great. Overall this is better than most other fics that are even remotely similar. Essentially like Dual Cultivation... only this version has better characters, better writing, and better prices.


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