1 # 1: In which I Got Reincarnated.

[AN: This rewrite of my Witcher Work In DxD book but not quite, I changed many things from it. This one will be longer and it will have world travel because God knows I can't write a story taking place in one world. Chapters will at least be 1000 Words but might be longer depending on my writing.]

# 1: In which I Got Reincarnated.


My name is Barry Allen and I'm not a speedster*Cough*, you know the standard, I was nothing in my previous life and died as nothing, well I was a teacher but that job was basically "common tier" in my country.

The only thing I had going was my sword skills(Too much anime plus too much spare time) but that didn't matter much in life so I am a little confused about the current event.

Why was I given this chance, why am I getting a chance at reincarnation?

"I used gacha on dead souls, I must say my luck is bad as always." God informs while he is looking over the drop rates for humans.

Depressing but acceptable...

"Anyway, I'm going to reincarnate you in DxD with witcher powers and blank essence. It's going to be from the school of the wolf because I am(the author is) too lazy.

You will have the training methods for the sword styles, the alchemy, a library with anything witcher related information and the signs in your head think of it like bloodline memories.

I'll pull another gacha on your looks you can only pray to your luck and your witcher emotional suppression is going to make sure you give your best always.

Before you ask I will tell you, yes you will be fertile as well since it's a harem world and that looks like all we need to cover, any questions?"

"Will I have cat eyes and if yes, can I toggle them on and off " That's important otherwise it will be hard to fit in before I learn magic to make them look normal.

"Yeah, you can toggle them on and off. You don't have any requests?"

"Would you grant them if I had?"

"Hahaha! Of course not, now off you go, I can feel it, I'll pull a 5-star human this time."

This was all too confusing for me but at this moment I wasn't thinking about the reincarnation nor the fact that my given powers and all, not even God pulling gacha for reincarnations.

No, all I could think about is that I didn't read the novels for this world and all I know about this world is second-hand knowledge from my little brother. I'm fucked if there's something terrible beyond I already know.


When I woke up the next time I found myself in an orphanage with a new name.

My name here is Jacob Asao. From the memories left in my head, I was dropped here as a baby and have been here for the past four years.

It appears that I am half Japanese for plot convince, my eyes are toggled off. I'm already drawing attention by being a 4 year old while looking like 6 due to withcer genes.

When I was left at the door of this orphanage, I was dropped with the witcher amulet in the basket.

This is going to be tough, isn't it? Maybe not, my pre awakening self was a perfect kid and befriended the whole orphanage (It's a small one).

So by being the well-natured boy I am, the workers here were more than willing to answer my questions, from there I learned that the orphanage is situated outskirts of Italy.

How nice and far away from the canon but so close to the Vatican that I am kinda scared.

Although I do not know the condition of the church since God is dead and all, they might have become corrupt.

I mean I have yet to see an anime or novel where Church is 100% good.[AN: I honestly don't remember any media where Church was good.]


While I am here I decided to go over the witcher training stuff that was shoved inside my head, just thinking about them takes me to a library styled memory palace.

I started reading the books here, first things first is memory improvement books. Witchers are supposed to remember most stuff about the monsters by memory and there are lots of monsters (They have been adjusted to DxD world.)

I don't require as much sleep as any other child. So I have been reading those books whenever I can find time for it. God was kind enough to organize them so I just need to read them.

There are also sword styles for the school of the wolf, which is much better than anything I got my hands on in my previous life.

I can just rally the kids to "play swords" and train myself, or just simply find some alone time.

I was worried about swords since even the famed Excalibur of this world is broken but then I found a blueprint for an all-in-one type sword for the supernatural with an unbreakable mark on it in the mental library and oils and oh my dead god there are so many oils for different races.

I'll have to shit gold to afford all of this I can tell just by looking at the sheer number of ingredients. I might as well not use oils unless needed.

Signs are a bit weird, I have access to magic but I need to practice the signs since making them wrong can blow up in my face...

Also, the amulet is tied to my soul so it can be hidden, so I hid it I can just say I lost it, I am not about to show off a magical artifact like that.


Now let's pass my current troubles like not having enough time to practice everything and look at the general ones let's.. let's make a list right lists are cool.

1-What I know of the plot: God is dead and there's a perverted dude with a sacred gear in Kuoh, that can kill gods. There was a peace conference if I remember correctly but I don't remember the details apart from that grey-haired kid's betrayal.

2-What I know about the world: Every mythology is real but may not be what I expect, okay that's not bad I guess. Well, I think everyone despises humans or was it something like that.

Not much to go on, maybe I should just live somewhere far away from Japan... Then again there must be some world-ending threat and the butterfly effect is a thing... I have to get involved, don't I?


Putting away all the paranoia and panic I spent my days in training turned into games, and the children in the orphanage are fit as hell for their age thanks to me.

The signs coming along but I am not going to put any magic in them just yet. [Signs are made with you guessed it. Hand signs so he just practices them from the memories in his head]

I sometimes try mediation, It's a must-have witcher skill, It's useful for healing for shaking off the toxins(Because it works like that in the game ?), passing time and such but damn who would have thought sitting without doing anything but breathing in rhythm could be harder than physical training.


I have realized that I could read and speak any language it's not a witcher ability. So I guess it's something about this world?

Ever since this realization, I have been reading whatever I could get my hands on to compare with my old world and there's nothing different on the normal human side at least from what I could gather.

I wonder why has God let Jeanne burn oh wait he's dead.


It's been a year now. I'm 5 according to the date I was brought to the orphanage, it's the usual play with every child until their tired routine, by the end of it I get tired as well.

[AN: I am aware that Asia was left at a church while she was a baby but this isn't fanfiction for nothing.]

The staff introduced a blonde girl about six months ago, if my memory serves me right she's Asia Argento, I mean chibi Asia.

She's four at the moment. I overheard the staff talking that her parents died in a traffic accident and she didn't have any other family, so she was brought here.

I coordinated the other kids to smother her in affection, from one of the things I remember that this girl never had a friend until she ran into Issei and chibi Asia deserves all the love she can get.


"Big brother Jacob, can you read me this!?" An exited Asia barges through the room with a book in her hands.

The book is too big for her body so she's carrying by hugging it, she also scared some of the kids in the room with her sudden entrance.

"Sure, Asia come sit next to me." I have a soft spot for adorable children. (No Pedo)

Ever since I revealed that I can read I have been reading books for some of the less energetic children.

Taking a looking at the book Asia brought I see that it's a Bible...

Oh boy, this is the third time I am reading Bible for Asia she has a thing for it.

"Big brother, are you okay?"

"Sorry Asia, I got distracted."


I was training, my relationship with the children and the orphanage staff is great, I am genuinely happy. I was normally an anti-social person but I have been doing better here.

So under anime logic and certain flags, something must happen to ruin it.

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By the time of my 7th birthday Asia(5) awakened her Sacred Gear, she healed the rabbit we kept as a pet here after a branch fell on the poor thing and injured it.

As expected, the staff called the church and, they sent a nun to look at Asia and took her right away.

We threw a party for her departure and I managed to talk the staff into buying her a bunny hairpin at the cost of helping out with the chores. (It's not like I wasn't doing it already).

It was told as someone is adopting her to us, so the rest of the children were happy for her.

Asia was happy as well, all except the little old(young) me who knew what kind of lonely life she will have...

Due to my ruined mood, I didn't have the motivation to do anything and just sat down and somehow managed to meditate.

I was gone for 8 hours then slept another 8 hours like a depressed neet.

By the time I got up, the emotional suppression took care of all the sadness.

The rest of my days here was similar, there were some new kids brought in I inducted them to our ranks I was like a family boss at the time. It did help that I was the oldest kid in the orphanage.

I was kinda hoping to get adopted by some secretly super powerful gramps that will make me his successor but that didn't happen.

It was soon the time for me to start going to school but, it seems I used up my luck with the whole reincarnation deal because one day I woke up after my medallion warned me of a threat.

Unfortunately, me being groggy after waking up and not being fast enough I was greeted by a hit to my head right after I got up.

Next time I woke up I was inside a cage just with my pajamas, thankfully I am not chained.

There's a really heavy smell in this place I am not sure what it is. Since my eyes are useless due to lack of light, I can only see the meter around the cage.

With that, I closed them and focused on my hearing.

The first thing I hear crying noises of the children, I try to ignore them it's not the time for that, and finally, I hear someone talking to themselves.

"Hah they said you can't pull it off, you'll die they said, now who's feasting on young blood mother! It's me! Hahaha!

Now, where did I threw the women I will drink the oldest child for last he looks lively I bet he will taste better when he's scared thoroughly."

[AN: Of course the bad guy is going to monologue his plans for MC's sake.]

In summary, I will have to run from here before others die off, fuck now I feel like I'm cheated, a vampire in Italy, seriously?

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