God of Virtual Reality(Dropped)
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God of Virtual Reality(Dropped)


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What is God of Virtual Reality(Dropped)

God of Virtual Reality(Dropped) is a popular web novel written by the author Aryan_Adrian, covering WARCRAFT, ACTION, ADVENTURE, KINGDOMBUILDING, VIRTUALREALITY, SMARTLEAD, Video Games genres. It's viewed by 27.3K readers with an average rating of 4.89/5 and 14 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 0 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Soory Guys Dropped out due to some malfunctioning in the story I am making a new ID and now my books will be published from that ID and this book will be published from that ID too


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I request the viewers of my book to add this webnovel in their Collections. I know first few chapters are a little boring but I promise more. I will try my best to make it more interesting. I know it's embarrassing to rate and review my own novel but it was kinda important. This book will become more beautiful and I promise that


It's my first story to read about sci-fi and so far it's interesting and sounds realistic. Character planning is nice and setting up the background for readers tells writer is living the world. Total gamer would love to see a game like this exists but just the dying part would be hard... Overall the story is going on smoothly and let's see the more adventures waiting for readers and Hector (male protagonist)


So this one is basically a 'Dead Game' type novel, don't get me wrong I liked this type genre. but some words make me confused and little bit headache. but still I hope author will be updating regularly


I loved it. The character development is nice and the world background is cool too. I liked the character of kai. He is smart and above all a good tactician. Recommend to everyone.


Cool Novel. It blew me off. First few chapters were informative but the real action began after chapter 3 and I liked Hector, He is so stubborn and War liking but the new entry, Kai is just too smart and a tactician. This novel is full of action and adventure. Twists after twists made me read it more and more. Take your time you are doing well


You totally blew me after the entry of the another guy (Kai) It was awesome, just looking at him tells how smart he is. I hope you will continue to write and not leave it like other novels.


After digging into so many books, I finally got a book like Sword Art Online. The Death Game Genre, I loved it and the author is just doing well. I hope the protagonist (Hector) gets mature and entry of other guy (Kai) made it more interesting. According to me Kai is the Antagonist... What do you all think???


Wowww... Cool I totally loved it and recommend everyone to give it a try. First few chapters can be a hard time but then the story is getting heat up. Note to Author: Keep updating frequently and I just loved it.


Character design is good... It can be more descriptive and well improved... The story development is good and world background is good too and update must be improved


Good work... Character design could be improved but everything is just fine... Keep it up. Hope you do well in future. Keep updating frequently and just keep writing


Keep the work up Aryan_Adrian... Hope it reaches new height... Good work. Well Done. Please regularly update ur work and it will surely make to the top ten


Good Nice... I loved it!!! Hope the update work is frequent... All the characters are good and this is sort of a death game which I liked... The latest chapter is good


Good Nice... I loved it!!! Hope the update work is frequent... All the characters are good and this is sort of a death game which I liked... The latest chapter is good


______________________________________ Game is actually like SAO ( Sword Art Online - for people that don't know what SAO is.) ______________________________________


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