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"President Rolf?" A middle-aged man opened the door leading to Rolf's office. However, he soon found Rolf sitting on the floor, convulsing uncontrollably.

His head tilted left and right with blank eyes as if he just turned into an idiot.

The middle-aged man panicked and saw the blood on the floor and Rolf's hands. His face was ghastly pale, not knowing what happened during the negotiation.

Because he wanted to coerce Theo, Rolf had turned down the monitoring system inside his office, so no record could prove Theo's claim had he decided to strike him. However, this also became a fatal mistake for him since two people could enter his room and do all this without going all the way to delete their records.

"President! President! What happened to you?" The middle-aged man fell to his knees and looked left and right to see whether there was an enemy nearby. After not finding anyone inside the room, he shouted, "Call an ambulance. Call an ambulance!"

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