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God of Time System: Harem in the Zombie Apocalypse


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So I have written over 150 chaps and here is an honest review from what I have collected so far. Pros: 1. You won’t be disappointed. There are twists where you would least expect them and the story is really interesting with changing things every once in a while. From the start, things pick up an interesting route. 2. The system elements, other scenes and fights are not bad. They may not be perfect but they surely won’t disappoint you at all. You would be able to enjoy it and things get even better in the later chapters. 3. Writing quality is smooth. You can judge it for yourself. So this one is on you, though personally I feel like it’s quite smooth. 4. The plot and the world building is not exactly what you can call perfect but overall I worked enough to deliver enough ideas to make sure that you don’t lack any imaginative content. 5. The MC’s character is kind of childish + mature + kinda dark at times, but that is because of things that go on and happen. You will find your answers as you go through the story. Though it doesn’t hamper the story one bit and I am sure you will love him as you read more. Cons: 1. In the beginning of the story, especially around chapter 25, I made a decision that many didn’t like. I had a few things in mind that I failed to deliver, but please keep reading. I didn’t make that mistake again and even compromised for that previous mistake in the future. It wasn’t a wrong choice but I couldn’t provide enough information to give a basis for the decision. 2. Later on, I showed MC helping a couple of people or more, which many didn’t like, but later on I only focused on MC’s solo travel and stuff where he did most things by himself, rarely involving others. So if you find it annoying that he is helping a couple of ungrateful people for whatever reason, keep reading as the focus shifts pretty fast pretty soon in the next few chapters. 3. Next is… well I didn’t get any complaints whatsoever other than that, neither I found anything problematic. If I were to say one thing, it’s that I still haven’t shown any proper direction to the story, but I probably won’t be giving it right now as it’s a long story. For now, I will be focusing on adventure more compared to a final goal. So there is that. If you have any other questions, then please go ahead and ask. Good luck and happy reading!

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Ah! Hey! So this is my first System Novel where the Main Char has a System. I was always obsessed with Time and space powers while I loved fantasizing about what I would do if a Zombie Apocalypse were to occur, so here I am combining both the things in one. The novel follows Michael Aroa, a medical genius undergraduate, who ends up getting caught in a psychopath’s petty revenge resulting in getting injected by an HIV infected needle. Before the Apocalypse, Michael was a studious nerd with a tendency to always work hard so that he could live a better future. He had a charm that people liked and was one of the people everyone looked up to, however being focused on his own studies and work, he was oblivious to such things. After the apocalypse, his priority takes a major shift, and while still hardworking, he tries to solve things as smartly and swiftly as possible. Unlike previous times, he socializes more and more because he doesn’t want to die as a loner much less a virgin. However, understanding how low humans can get, he makes sure to keep in check who is his ally and who is the enemy. Follow his journey through the Apocalypse, as he uses the system to get stronger, save his loved ones and kill those who dare to harm him. If you have any other questions, please do ask in the review. Hope you enjoy the story. Thank you for coming here.


The novel was pretty good at the beginning tbh, even though it was kind of slow but later on the mc started saving people and adding them into his group, even though they wont be much of a burdon not my cup of tea especially when it seems like he will do it more, saving people and adding to the group i mean.


I dont know why writers are making main lead so dumb, all the people are walking all over him and he is still not doing anything. why would he carry a burden with him


I read all the free chapters because I really wanted to like this novel. At first, I thought the powers and the system were really cool and the MC, for the most part, used them well. It also has a nice pace since there were no useless chapters and the plot always kept advancing, but that's about everything nice I have to say about this novel. The biggest problem is the utterly unlikeable MC whose only saving grace are his powers. There's no "plot" other than the system and the zombie apocalypse. Which means the only thing we have to look forward to is the MC's development, but other than getting stronger, he gets progressively worse as the story develops. The MC is a pushover. At the beginning when he meets up with the first girl, he is somewhat decisive and stands his ground, but as the story goes on, he starts to become passive and submissive. He saves the lives of over 50 people and they begin to insult him and even one of them beats him up and he does nothing, he just stands there as they insult and hit him. He doesn't defend himself neither physically nor verbally. I used fast pass to unlock one of the paid chapters and realise I couldn't take it anymore. It's also the first smutty scene, I thought the girl was not a virgin because she ran laps around him and took the initiative in everything and had him shrieking like a little girl, but it turns out she was? I think he literally shrieked 3 times during that scene and could only resort to nod and answer her questions while she did all the job. Quite off-putting, honestly.




The novel is good, but author can’t do basic math, always forgetting the stats or exp he wrote before and then lowballing it, writing them lower than they should be, or even lower than they previously were. Honestly, how hard is it to write down notes?


mc is a no brain........................


You keep on doing what you need to do best.


The novel has such a beautiful treasure, it's good that it's world-building. Progress is good, but the bad side outweighs the good. The author's other book is much better. the reason i quit this novel 1.Mc is a bit silly and we don't see a mature side. 2. The fight scenes are perhaps the worst of the novels I've ever read. 3. Repetitive words (It's almost too much to repeat without leaving system notifications, it makes you tired of reading. Finally: I read that the chapters would be better, but it's always the same, there is no improvement in the chapters, it's plain logic, but I still wish the author success in the next book. I have nothing to say in this book.


Amazing read, prob only issue is with the to many DNO's but other then that I like it very much


Great Book , Loving it , a lot of potential.


I'll wait for 250 chapters to be out and read. I have really high hopes for your novel. stay in good health and release daily!



Dropped at chapters 31. I like the story, but I absolutely dislike the Mc. He is a nice guy that let‘s strangers walk over him like a proper Japanese mc but stops his own girl from even defending him and orders her around like a c7ck.


Nice Theme. Having a system like that in an apocalypse is really Cool tbh. I wonder where you would take your story with these two themes...


40 chaps in and i don't know if the author wants a spineless mc or he just likes Drama . this isn't for me


Amazing book to read/listen to but between not having any updates in a significant amount of time and the author wanting to shove parts of the chapters into the author notes to save the readers 4 cents(USD)(which absolutely killed all hope I have for the book because I listen to the audio files of the book) at about chapter 70 I cannot give anything higher then a mediocre rating… I listen to the audio files while I’m at work which DOES NOT read the authors notes I simply don’t have the time to actually read anymore because adulting sucks


💯💯💯💯💯💯Very good novel …………………………………………………………..


This is so good!! Especially the latest chapters!! Loving it! Keep going on!