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The God of all realm - Heavenly Forest


Viola currently was sitting down mediating, his black hair was moving with a perfect rhythm with the wind... His aura... Was pure... Not even speck of impurity, beautiful white aura surrounded his body, if one takes a good look one will see a gold there, and a silver pagoda that was emitting slight gold aura was on his forehead... Slowly the aura that surrenders his body and the pagoda disappeared and viola opened his eyes, his eyes were gold for a moment... Before change back to deep black.

"Understanding the mysteries of the Heavenly God of all cultivation technique is becoming hard with each stage..." Said viola with a troubled face.

For a half year, he was training here. He learned many techniques... Many daos... He learned the Fire Dao, Ice Dao, Lightning Dao, Yin and Yang Dao, Alchemy dao and many more...

He read many books since he got the god of all celestial body his talent became unparalleled, he could understand anything just by a glance! While normal people could use one and geniuses could two elements...

He could use all of them! His Celestial vines allowed him to use all of the elements, as his vines are primordial and

housing primordial energy, the purest and the most ancient one, and is the origin to all elements.

Viola called the system "Hey... Rose. When do you think I will be able to fully comprehend the Manuel?" "It will take a time, it's the best Manuel in myriad realms, if you could fully camphor it in half-year then it will be weird." Said the system that knows identified as Rose.

Yes, the system name is rose, after a half year of teaching viola, they got quite close, or at least to the point rose don't look down on viola anymore. In fact, the rose found viola to be a monster, he was reached to the 8 layer of the God of all heavenly Manuel in half a year with is completely break common sense. Yeah, viola existence itself is breaking common sense but... Even the unparalleled talent and monsters comprehension can't explain'...

How in world he reached to the 8 layer in half a year! Even though the talent the celestial body gave him is unparalleled, it's still completely breaking any sense. Rose expected him to reach to the 4 layer maximum! The current viola is basically a monster.

The system always made sure to make him think that he is weak, but that was far from the truth, viola right know could shatter stars, and erase realms with a wave of his hand. The cultivation ranking system of the worlds is not meant for him as he is completely above it... Ranking him in it is impossible! The current viola is what people describe the Apex. Though viola can go an even higher, even the strongest under the heaven will be powerless in front of the current him!

"Finally! I can leave this boring place! It's so boring here. So rose where do you think I should go?" said viola with such a bright smile that will make all the woman in the multiverse go on a rampage for it!

Seeing viola so existed even rose couldn't help but feel happy for him... It knew... How much he wanted to go and see the outside world. "Let me see... I recommend you to go to the mid-level realm... Immortals not rare there... And there are not much of mortals... So you won't need to worry about flying and stuff... And by the information I have on that realm you will enjoy there... " Said rose with an amused voice.

Hearing the wired tone rose used viola felt wired. However, he brushed it off because of how existed he was he didn't really care. "Alright! Then what we are waiting for? Let's go!" With that, he copied the coordinate from the system and used his fastest speed to get there!

Viola traveled at immense speed... To the coordinates...


Immortal realm - Azure dragon continent.

Currently, there was a huge tournament, a tournament of best of the younger generation of the continent! The participates in this torment are the best of the generation! So far lot was eliminated through the tournament... Just 4 was still a participant, each one of them is the best of his sect! Line Lianxiang, she was from the Snow Flower Sect! Mu Zhen, She was from the Jade Valley sect! Chao Bai, He was from the Flame Sun sect! And Long ran From the Black Dragon Sect!

Each one of them was a genius from his sect, each one of them came here to win! Each one of them won't accept defeat! "The four of you are ready?" said the judge who looked in his mid-30s'. All of them nodded at the same time! "Then... Begin!" The battle started all of them gone backward to have a distance from each other!

They watched each other sharply, waiting for any movement or opening... Chao Bai that couldn't bring himself to wait anymore charged to Lin Lianxiang! The reason he charged at her from everyone was that he had a crush on her for a long time...

She never even bother to acknowledge his existence, and he believed only by defeating her and show her that he was stronger he could gain her heart and make her submit!

"Lin Lianxian! Today I will defeat you and make you understand that I'm the perfect man for you!" Yelled Chao Bai and with that, he rushed into her with his fastest speed! Seeing that Lin Lianxiang wasn't surprised...

Chao Bai was a thorn in her side for a while now...

Chao Bai charged at her while raising his hand and activating his technique"Flame destroying palm!" as a response to his attack Lin Lianxiang raised her soft hand slowly and released attack of her own " Frozen Snow Flower!" both of the attacks clashed! Chao Bai was laughing happily he believed that he could win!

He was called genius of once in a millennium by his sect! He completely controls his technique! To the point that even ancestor of his sect won't display it better! He went all out with this attack! He wanted to suppress Lin Lianxiang and have her understand his place! But... Too bad things not always working the way people want it to... The attack of started to freeze his palm! Instated of the image of him surpassing her! He was suppressed! He couldn't believe it! And started yelling "NO! T-that can't be how?!" She answered him in cold and calm voice "Because I'm stronger."

And with that, the ice completely freeze his attack and she released with her other hand wave of snow that hit his chest and sends him flying! Just as he was about to fell out of the ring, a hand caught him! He caught up a blood, and raised his head to see who it was and saw, Long Ran! "Brother Long? Thanks! I was about to lose!" said Chao Bai feeling humiliated that he lost to her! "No need to mention it, brother Chao! Sister Lin Is very strong.

Nothing for you to feel humiliated about, she is called a genius of once in 10,000 years, not for nothing!" said Long Ran with his eyes flashing! "How about we join forces? With how shameful it is I can't defeat her, and so your are brother Chao. So we defeat her and decide who she belongs to afterward. What do you say?" Said Long ran with an evil smile! Hearing it everyone in the audience felt disgusted... How disgusting and shameful thing to do, two geniuses ganging up on her because they desire her!

It yet to be mentioned but Lin Lianxiang was very beautiful, she was called the gaze dragon continent supreme beauty! One that can start a war between countries and sects! She had a long black hair, blue crystal eyes, and amazingly good shaped body, she wore a white robe with her sect blue phoenix mark on it.

Hearing them her eyes turn even colder! She was furious! What they think she is?! A toy?! "I will freeze your solid to the very bone." She said with extremely cold voice and her eyes were flashing with blue deep color! And just when she was about to attack she felt something coming and looked towered the sky, Long Ran and Chao Bao were the same! And even Mu Zhen that yet to do anything did the same! And out of nowhere, something was flying towered them at immense speed and BOOM!

It crashed in the ring! All of them was wary at that moment, the same was towered the elders of their respective sect outside of the ring, they wanted to rush inside the moment they felt that thing, but they didn't dare because they were afraid that will ruin their disciple fight!

All the four of them watched the crater that was made by the thing the crushed in their ring, take into conditions that ring was made from immortal ore and was extremely tough, none of them was capable to damage it, let along shattered it like that! Whatever crushed in it must be extraordinary!

They looked towered the crater that was covered in smoke... And the smoke slowly dissipated... The slowly got closer and what they saw there was a young man... Not older than 19... He was teaching his head and his long black hair closed most of his face... So they could only see his back...

"Ouchhhhhhh... Oh no... That didn't hurt... Probably out of a habit." He raised his head and looked at his surroundings... To see for people looking at him... He slowly stood up and moved his hair back to his back.

"Hmmm... Hello? My name is Jyu D. Viola, can you please tell me where I am?" He said with a charming smile.

At that moment Lin Lianxiang, Mu Zhen, Chao Bai and Long ran had their mouth opened their eyes opened wide couldn't believe what they seeing! Hearts appeared in Lin Lianxiang eyes! Mu Zhen Felt her panties going wet! Long Ran and Chao Bai felt deep jealousy coming from their hearts!

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