3 Chaos in the realms

Viola screamed with all his might... Hoping that the pain will stop, the pain was unbearable, he felt his body being torn apart. After a while he felt the pain finally stopped.

He looked around and was shocked! There were no hands. No lags. Nobody. "WTF IS THAT?!" He said in rage. He was furious, he didn't think he will become soul with no body after all this pain... "Your body was destroyed. Only your soul left." said the system calmly.

"Don't worry. The first part completed. Now what is left is to give you the celestial body and merge your soul with it."

Hearing that viola calmed down for a second. But then remembered the terrifying pain from before and asked the system "Why was taking my soul out of my body was so painful?"

"Because i first used the system to strength your soul. Now your soul possing the aura of the god of all. I thought it will be better to do it before destroying your body, doing it like that will be faster and less painful."

Hearing that viola wanted to curse the system. 'What do you mean less painful?! That was fucking painful!"

"Alright. Alright. So what is left is to merge my body with the celestial body right? Very well. Do it know before I regret it."

"As you wish. Then I shall start." said the system.

God of all Celestial body... Starting install...

All of a sudden Viola felt that his soul being sucked. He couldn't see, he couldn't hear, he felt only one thing, deep pain. He couldn't even describe the pain nor did he even have the power to do so.


Heavenly God chaos realm.

The Heavenly chaos realm is one of the upper realm in the primal chaos. This place full of experts that can shake the worlds Suddenly started to shake! The bright sky turned dark, the calm earth started to shake like the heavens is angry.

In the Heavenly Palace, someone said "What is happing?!" the one said that had gold armor brown short hair. Behind is back there was the word "Heavenly General".

That man name was General Kong.

He was known to be one of the strongest men in the Heavenly Chaos realm, only under the Heavenly God himself, He that is title alone could make the entire realm Shiver in fear, didn't understand what's happening.

To make the earth shake is one thing, if he released his profound energy, he easily can make the same thing happen. However, his profound energy alone will never be enough to do such a thing, the shake was on huge scale to the point the entire realm was shaking, there is no way he could do that. Forget about him even the Heavenly God himself won't be able to do that.

That because of the laws of time and space. The laws protecting the realm from being destroyed by some external power. For example, battle between two experts can destroy the space, that is where the laws came in, if the space is destroyed, the laws will fix it immediately, but even breaking the space in hard and can only be done by powerful expert, the stronger the power the more you can damage the space.

In a place like the heavenly chaos realm that is one of the upper realms, the laws of space is extremely powerful unless your ridiculously strong, making the entire world shake is nothing but a stupid thinking. That is why the General couldn't understand what's happening.

"Maybe some supreme treasure is being born?" thought the General. "Or some terrifying monster made a breakthrough?" just thinking about that made the General shiver.. Breakthrough the made such a phenomenon to what realm one need to break to?!

"No matter what is it, I must report the Heavenly God immediately!" with that he disappeared.

Suddenly out of nowhere black hole appeared and started devour the heavenly energy in the realm.

Fire god realm;

The same thing happened.

"What is that?!" screamed people when they felt the earth shaking and the sky suddenly lost their color and change to dark.

The heavenly energy started to get sucked without stopping.

"Reporting to his majesty!!" said one of the servants. "What is it?" said a man with long red hair, he looked young, not more than twenty years old. "T-the heavenly energy is being sucked by unknown power! And extremely large amount!

"What?!" "Who dare try to steal from my Fire God Realm?!!! IS IT THE DEMON REALM?!!! "Said the Fire god furiously. "No his majesty, we already checked that. The sucking power don't come from the demon realm. Said the servant.

"It's not the demon realm? Then who is it? I shall see for myself." With that flames enveloped his entire body and he disappeared.

He appeared in an unknown place in the sky. He saw the entire realm shaking and before him, there was a black hole that sucking the heavenly energy without stopping.

"What is that? How black hole can appear in the upper realm? The laws here is extremely powerful, unless it's been created by extremely powerful true god, there is no why black hole would appear out of nowhere." said the fire god with a serious expression.

"Have we offended someone at the true god realm? No, there is no why someone at that level of strength would care for our realm. If it not done by someone like that then what is happening?!"

What the fire god didn't know, that it was not only happening in the fire god realm, but in the entire primal chaos, outside of the weakest realms, any realm from the immortal realm and upper has their heavenly energy being stolen. All the experts under heaven gone insane.


In the meantime viola having his body created he felt the whole pain disappearing slowly and felt like he was in heaven... he felt pleasant feeling that couldn't be described in words... it was heavenly.

What Viola didn't know that in the process of creating his body he stole the about 40% of the heavenly energy of each realm from the immortal realm and above.

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