God of all cultivationGod of all cultivation

God of all cultivation

by Jadon_Craig_5859

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This is a story about a child by the name of Li Chen he and his mother Li Qiu travel to the lower realms from the God of creation realm to start off on Li Chens journey to become the God of all cultivation he is a powerhouse who could destroy the lower realms with a single fart he is not someone to be messed unless you want him to steal your wife or make your daughter into a glorified slut. Follow Li Chen and his mother Li Qiu and all the other beautys who will follow Li Chen be it a pridful housewife or a beautiful sect master or a seductress goddess no women alive can shake off Li Chen's handsome charms after having a piece of him (tags) overpowered mc, R-18, harem, cultivation, netori, gods-goddesses

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