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God of Adventures


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“Fools!” The word slipped out of Zagan's mouth in anger. What others chose to do was none of his business. But what enraged Lucifer was how people wished him to follow the same template as they did. ---- With the aim of venturing into the unknown to claim its vast riches, Lucifer sets out on a journey of his own. On the first day of his journey, he ends up in prison for bashing the high priest. And on the second day, he ends up burning the church after robbing its hidden vaults full of gold, wines, ancient documents, and maps. During this all, he meets an astrologer and an ancient witch. And From there, their journey begins. Join us, as our protagonist Lucifer, ventures the unknown with his companions in search of its vast riches. Follow his growth, as every moment of the journey makes him wiser and stronger. Discord: https://discord.gg/NChfKfz


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