God-Level Blacksmith System
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God-Level Blacksmith System


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What is God-Level Blacksmith System

Read God-Level Blacksmith System novel written by the author Jesus_Rafael_Roxas on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Eastern Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, system, overpowered, levelup. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


With God-Level Blacksmith System. I can forge and create anything. Anything in this world? I can forge it. What? Did you say you can cook delicious foods? Pick a bowl of ordinary rice. Forge it. [Forge Complete] [Delicious Level ???] What? Did you say you have the best weapon? Pick ordinary weapons. Forge it. [Forge Complete] Weapons? Can forge it. [Attack Level ???] [Durability Level ???] [Skill Grant ???] What? Did you say you have the most luxurious clothes? Pick ordinary clothes. Forge it. [Forge Complete] Clothes? Can forge it. [Defense Level ???] [Durability Level ???] [Skill Grant ???] What? Even my body can be forge?! My Body? [Attack Level ???] [Defense Level ???] [Skill Grant ???] .... [You have destroyed the healing orb.] [Skill Grant Obtain: Heal - Level ???] [You have destroyed the Sword] [Skill Grant Obtain: Slant Sword Attack - Level ???] ???!!! --- Hello, I am a beginner author. Please say what is good and bad about this novel and I will try my best to improve it. I'm sorry if there is an error in grammar. Thank You.


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Hello, I am the author of this novel. Hope you like my novel/s. English is not my first language so if there are mistakes or grammatical errors. Please understand. Sorry and thank you to everyone.


Hello, I am the author. Thank you for clicking, visiting, or liking my story. I hope you continue to support it or like it. I am a beginner author so if you all notice grammatical errors or errors in the story. Please understand. Thank you.[img=recommend]


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