God among Bugs (on hiatus) Book

novel - Magical Realism

God among Bugs (on hiatus)


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Thomas Lanier is just your average highschool nerd, he plays Crypts and creatures with his friends over the weekend and spends his week nights surfing the web and tinkering in his garage. After his father gave him an old necklace he started having strange 'dreams' and one day he stops his classmate from squishing a strange beetle just to have it fly and land on his head. He takes the bug to a window to set it free, but as the day progresses things get weird, someone filled his locker with silverfish, P.E. was cancelled due to a swarm of yellow jackets attacking the coach during laps, and a stink bug flew directly into the schools star quarter backs mouth when he was trash talking about Tom and his friends, but when he comes home to find a spider web with his name written out and a writer spider sitting just below in what seemed like a bowing position... "this is getting creepy".