1 A smoke filled dungeon

Heavy smoke and the screams of young men and women resound through the night sky as the city of Heythot! burns. A loud crash rings out as a pair of hands slam on to a large octagonal wooden table down in the smoke filled basement of Tom's house.

Around said table sat six seventeen year old kids from North Carolina that have regretfully known each other since pre-school two of the boys were trying their best to not laugh and choke on their Mountain Dew, one a tall lanky red head with shoulder length hair and a leather jacket over the back of his chair that goes by Larry Martin he tends to play the roll of a thief.

To the right of Larry sits Mike Schulz a rather stout blonde boy with a crew cut and a mean face add this with his penchant to wear gold chains and black beanies he gets constant flak from his "self proclaimed" friends for looking like a certain rapper from Missouri he happens to enjoy playing as a hill dwarf cleric.

Directly across from them sat two young women leaning over the table on the left is Victoria Blanche whom looks and acts like a cute bubbly teenage knock out like an old Brittany music video from the 90's while she's in public or at school with her constant ensemble of skirts with white T-shirts, innocent clear blue eyes, and air head attitude but in actuality is the kind of evil satanic bitch that's more likely to stab you with a pair of scissors and sing to you than say hello, but she makes some amazing cookie/brownie/s'mores/candy bar things that are guaranteed to either rot your teeth or give you diabetes and since no one can figure out her recipe they will never let her go with her slightly chaotic nature IRL everyone finds it is a just fit for her constantly choosing to be a tiefling bard.

To the right of Victoria is Chelsea Garter she used to be so shy she couldn't stand in the lunch line until fifth grade when her mother accidentally used real electric blue hair dye instead of "temporary" for Halloween... Poor Chelsey almost died from the constant attention for a month until her roots started growing, but since she refused to cut her hair she keeps dying it electric blue everyone eventually stopped staring and she stopped caring, She joined drama club as a joke but actually started enjoying the attention but hates memorizing lines so now shes only interested in trying to get famous and rich from playing video games. Her routine involves dressing up like a certain young lady that met a boy with a tail and traveled around the world for a few orange rocks in an old anime and mercilessly destroys every player on the leaderboard of said shows MMO game, she's raking in views on Youtube and twitch like crazy. If all the people she triggered into becoming rage quitters could see her now they could die in peace. with a slight blush and trembling voice "you're not seriously going to name the starter city that are you? everyone promised we wouldn't bring that up ever again.." generally she mains as the teams monk this game her race is ghostwise halfling.

To the right of Chelsea from behind a large Crypt keepers screen a billow of smoke and the smell of something Dank wafts through the air a voice that is obviously trying to imitate the great Bim Jarrey "Do you dare test me mortals? You wish to be smited? this is but the start of this journey and you already find fault in the path I set you upon‽ You swore to never mention Ashley standing me up at prom yet what was the only thing ANYONE wanted to talk about on the ride over? this night will be the revival of each and every embarrassment you have all lived through. that is the price for pissing of the crypt keeper moments before a game" . The owner of this voice and the crypt keeper of this game is Thomas Lanier never being the largest nor the smallest in the room and with his tan complexion, brown hair, and brown eyes he never stands out from a crowd, until he has tools in his hand. Tom has been in the robotics club since his freshman year and is on the fast track for a free ride at UCF.

"Oh please you're obviously trying to get a rise out of Chelsea I'm rolling a perception check" A d20 is tossed at Tom's screen from the opposite side of the table and lands on 16 the last player Mari Obi speaks out in her sing song french accent while smiling. Tom sighs loudly "Well done in passing my test elfling... a hero that cannot see more than what they are told of is merely a pawn of the gods".

"your arcane knowledge allows you to notice that a highly advanced glamor has been placed on this land and feel as though something is watching you from far away" Mari Leans back in her chair stretches out and casts 'Dispel illusion' after she finishes yawning. The sky's darken as the flames die out the frantic screams slowly transition into moans from the wind and all that can be seen are a few skeletons, a half collapsed well and rubble as if the moment before happened years ago.

Mike leans forward trying to stare a hole through the board Tom uses for a screen "You plan on passing that or Chiefing on it all night?" "hehehe of course I'm gonna pass it... here" Tom flicks the blunt with accuracy that could only be gained through years of practice as the blunt arcs through the air a dainty hand with pink fingernails snatches it just before Mike can grab it. "Thanks Tommy!" Victoria does a victory pose with twin V's and smiles before she commences to choke on a deep draw..

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