1 100 Years Ago

The world had changed 100 years ago back in the 20th century. Many monsters came out through temples that spawned all over the world. Each city had at least 20 temples, each temple was a different shape and color. Each temple, despite all looking different, all led to the same place everyone has come to call, The World's Dungeon.

The temples spawned all over the world, releasing many types of beasts. One residing near each grouping of humans, such as villages, towns, cities. Many people and animals were devoured by the beasts that escaped the temples.

Hikers, sailors, and explorers have all claimed to have seen temples also appearing inside the sea, on top of mountains, deep down in the crevices of the earth, and out in the wilds, letting animals all over the world enter the World's Dungeon as well.

Every single human, with their hatred for the temples, began to call the changes and the creatures all part of God's Favorite Game, but it was more popularly known as Life's Game. A game that toyed with the lives of humans and animals alike.

Firearms and many other powerful weapons didn't work on all the creatures. Technology didn't work near or inside the temples. Modern weapons, and the like was all ineffective on the creatures and the temples.

Only weapons like swords and spears worked on the strange and terrifying creatures.

When the world knew about this, people began killing the creatures, and that's when the people began changing as well. Many proclaimed seeing screens in their heads, yet many others were more shocked at the fact that they could grow in strength by killing the monsters.

The beasts, once killed, drop armor, weapons, and items relevant to the level of the beast. Once they die, their body is left behind and can still be looted for further materials like meat and bones.

The armors give effects to the weares and the weapons have additional effects that damage beings further.

Many scientists have come to create the Life Force Theory after many humans killing the creatures roaming Earth.

When a creature dies at the hands of the attackers, their Life Force is taken from them and given to the one that dealt the last blow. Minor Life Force that escaped the beast through wounds was given to the others that also dealt damage.

According to the scientists, this Life Force could be used to strengthen the bodies of humans in many ways. With the help of the 'screens' inside the heads of the people, the Life Force is changed into something called 'experience'.

Once enough experience is gathered, a screen pops up that says 'Leveled Up!'.

Many, upon leveling up, began finding themselves earning 'Occupations', which limited their use of weapons, armors, and items. Humans could only get an occupation once they enter Level 1, showing that every normal human was a level 0 being.

Through what each person leveling up has found out, is that each normal person only has 5 points in each of their attributes. No matter the strength that they hold on Earth, inside the World's Dungeon, they are all brought up to match their attributes.

The bodily shapes of the humans didn't affect the attributes, or vice versa. Which is why the government recommended the people to change their diet since gaining fat or losing it will only grow more difficult the higher their level is.

Every time a person leveled up, they only gained 10 attribute points, which can be allocated in any of the 5 attributes; Constitution, Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Wisdom.

The screen in the head of every person who changed, let the people know their 'Status'. No one could see the status of another person, but soon, Crystal Orbs were discovered that allowed some to let others look at their status.

Their occupation, skills, and attributes were all hidden besides level, name, age, and gender.

Inside the person's head, they could see their HP and their MP.

The government and the people sought to grow stronger, so they began entering the temples that led them to The World's Dungeon.

The deeper one travels, the stronger the beasts become.

In this Dungeon, people found that they could use magic, however once they wanted to bring it out, they lost that power completely. The only thing that would remain is their skills of the occupations they have. However, the movements of their skills can only be used.

If someone tried casting a magic swordsmans 'Wind Slash' skill, only the movement would be replicated. No wind blade will be created in the air that will be sent to the target.

Many strong companies, in pursuit of gaining money, began sending teenagers into The World's Dungeon. That's when the world realized that the youngest one can enter, is at 18 years of age.

Animals also grew stronger under the influence of the temples, some animals can even freely enter the World's Dungeon and level up as well.

Due to the change in the world, the animals, and the importance of The World's Dungeon. The common people that sought to stay on Earth, grew poorer and eventually they began living terrible lives, bringing up the rate of crime.

Although some of the common people managed to maintain their wealth.

Crime was stagnant, and it slowly began to go back to normal thanks to the stronger policemen and the people that enter the World's Dungeon.

However, one day in King City, a famous gang that goes by the name of Tiger, had all their members reach high levels. They attacked the police and the mayor of the city, destroying the government system and removing the police from the city. The people in the city were stopped from leaving and if they wanted to leave, they had to pay a hefty sum to the Tiger Gang.

Yuan Tai was one of the most unlucky in King City. He was thrown into an orphanage when he was 1 year old and no one knew his name, so they called him the forgotten. All they knew about him was that he was a mexican and that the people that left him at the orphanage didn't glance back at him once. They didn't even leave a note.

It wasn't until he was 5 years old that he was adopted by a nice chinese couple. They were well-versed in chinese martial arts, so they believed that he held great potential for their martial arts. Upon adopting him, they gave him the name Yuan Tai.

He practiced the basics of the sword and dagger. His adoptive parents told him that a solid foundation always leads to something great. Their ideal in martial arts was intent and speed before perfection and strength.

His adoptive father told him that practicing the sword is like practicing every other weapon. When you stab with a sword, you also train your stabbing skills with a spear.

Yuan Tai held onto those words and made sure to never forget them.

Once he turned 12, his new and happy world crumbled down to dust upon hearing of the deaths of the nice chinese couple whom he came to find as his own Father and Mother. Only thing he had to remember them by was a black steel dagger that was left behind by his Mother and a picture of them three together.

Only a couple days after finding out about their deaths, the Tiger Gang attacked King City and crime began to rise inside the city. His house was attacked by mobs that wanted money to leave the city and he narrowly escaped with his life when a crazed old man wanted his dagger.

He ran away with the photo and a dagger in his hand, and a deep hatred for the Tiger Gang that took his home from him. The home where he created wonderful memories with his parents that are now dead.

Years passed and the only way he could survive in King City, was by stealing from the other common people. He stole their food and always made sure to train in what he knew with the dagger. Using his speed, nimbleness, and sleight of hand, Yuan Tai was able to easily steal from them.

He lived a life of hardship and he was close to turning 18, the age in which he can enter the World's Dungeon. It was only a day away, he was ready to enter the World's Dungeon already and grow stronger.

"Catch that asshole!" a man with a big burly beard yelled out in fury as he ran after a black haired young man.

Running away from the bearded man, Yuan Tai was running with his life on the line as he kept his distance from him. He made a grave mistake today. He read the bearded man wrong and now he was running away with a bit of money from the bearded man's pockets.

'Fuck fuck fuck!' Yuan Tai cursed as he ran as fast as his legs could carry him. He held on his left hand a measly 56 dollars he stole from the bearded man and hoped he wasn't caught.

The bearded man was a level 3 Guardian, he's only lucky that the man didn't put any point in agility.

Even if Yuan Tai was cursing as he ran away, the most important thing to know when robbing someone, even after being found out, is to maintain calm. He wouldn't have survived as long as he did if he didn't keep calm.

Yuan Tai calmly assessed his escape route and quickly made his way through the alley trying to outrun the bearded man.

Seeing the young kid run through the alley way, the bearded man grit his teeth and called in for help, "Yang, I need you to bring your boys around sector six to get rid of a pesky rat."

"Another rat?" sighed the Yang. "I told you to put some points in agility, Tank! I'll send a couple of the new recruits."

"Hurry it up." Tank grit his teeth and continued running behind Yuan Tai. Luckily, as a Guardian, he had put points in his Constitution to increase his health and stamina.

"You're going down kid! Just give up the money and let me cut off one of your hands to help you regret stealing from me!" Tank yelled out in anger as he followed closely behind Yuan Tai.

"Damn, he didn't have much money like the others I steal from," muttered Yuan Tai in displeasure. He's stolen from so many people before and Tank was the first person to ever hold less than 100 dollars. With the small amount of money he stole, it will only last two days.

After Tiger Gang took over King City, he extorted money from people and even made the prices for the food outrageous. Yuan Tai would have hunted for his own food in the forest if it had any animals to begin with.

Looking back at Tank, Yuan Tai threw a bucket right at him. It proved useless as he effortlessly slapped it away, but the water fell on his eyes not letting him see. Seeing this, Yuan Tai smiled and he ran as fast as his legs could carry him, finally losing Tank far behind him. "Great.."

Yuan Tai didn't relax however, he looked around and found a barrel full of fish. He grit his teeth and dumped some fish into another barrel before jumping in and covering himself with fish. If it goes as he planned, Tank should either run right past the barrels or just search around the barrels.

Calming his breath, Yuan Tai hoped for Tank to pass by quickly or the stink of the fish would stick onto him. He kept the money inside his pockets and made no movements as to not draw any attention to the barrel he is in.

Hearing a lot of footsteps making their way to his location, Yuan Tai frowned, 'Did he call for help?'

He made sure to pay close attention to what is being said and stayed still.

"Jack, we have to move these fish to the next town. Make sure to thoroughly check the fish or the boss will get mad. I heard last time he found a rat in his fish," chuckled an old man as he opened a barrel of fish two barrels away from Yuan Tai.

"Hahaha, are you for real? That man really deserves that, he cut my pay down again. If it keeps going like this, I won't be able to feed my brother." Jack moved over to a barrel of fish next to Yuan Tai and began to check the fish.

Right when Jack was about to check his barrel, Yuan Tai heard Tank's voice, "Stop right there! Yang, get your men to check the barrels."

Yang turned to look at two of his men and nodded to them, prompting them to move forward. However, unlike how Yuan Tai expected, they didn't check it from the top.

They kicked the barrels over and spilled the fishes down on the ground.


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