God's Card Game 大 Book

novel - Magical Realism

God's Card Game 大


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Colby Talon spent the majority of his childhood on the streets. He knew of no mother, no father, no sibling, no relatives at all. In a moment of desperation, Colby tries to mug the town's Mafia Lord. "You have talent. Why don't you come under my wing?" And so, Colby was taken under the protective wing of the local Mafia gang. Colby grew up learning to stand up for himself in the ways of the Mafia gang, and soon, he managed to stand out, snagging one of the positions of the Mafia lord's bodyguard. On a random mission, Colby gets backstabbed by someone he never expected, left for dead in a rival gang's territory. Saved by the benevolent leader of the rival gang, Colby is introduced to the real underworld. The world beyond every simpleton's imagination. The world that God had blessed with Cards.


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