Goblin's Throne (1-2 Year hiatus) Book

novel - Fantasy

Goblin's Throne (1-2 Year hiatus)


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Goblins, the weakest creatures in fantasy. Low level monsters preyed upon by novice adventurers. Compared to other monsters their only good selling point was their sheer number and vile nature. But were goblins really that bad? Upon his untimely death, Grant Simmons wakes up in the flesh of a green skinned menace. Armed with wit and ruthlessness, the journey of another world's weakest would spark the flames of something much greater. An adventure of a man who desired challenges for distraction and to stave away boredom. The tale of a man lost in an old, colorful world full of hardship. Systems, Magic, Legends, Demons, Monsters, Creeping Terrors and Sixteen Thousand Years of World History. Journeying onwards, what kind of fate awaits him and those who follow?