2 002

I wanted to experience what earth had to offer first hand so I planned to go to the different places cutting my meeting short.

" cui lin cancel all my appointments for today I would like to go to someplaces . "

Cui lin was in his office when he recieved a call he was already planning for Ye Fu's daily schedule . " as you wish mr Fu but should I assign some of the men to accompany you ? "

" no need , " then I remembered that I might need someone who knows the many places I wanted to explore " Cui Lin do you know every area here in shanghai and the country ? "

Cui lin " well boss I have been to many places " cui lin said trying to gauge out the situation .

" well get yourself ready and meet me at the garage "

Cui lin hurriedly packed the necessities grabbed his bag " linda get the coordinates of some of the most important areas to go at shanghai and send it to my phone "

I left with Cui lin sortly afterwards I can't help but laugh at the how sweaty he was , but could not blame him after all it was a rush .

Driving my vehicle to different coordinates guided by Cui Lin I can't help but remince my old world how different the two planets were . Back in my old world due to the greed of some in power most of the common folks are left in the dusk you can literally see homeless on the streets and several hundreds of them lying there . My old world were full of large cities some I can say would be a hundred times bigger than shanghai , but I still can't help but marvel in the architecture of this planet.

We went to many different places me driving while cui lin would lead the way and at the same time explained the many different customs and traditions they had .

It got dark before I knew it preparing the best for last arriving at the famous nanjing road . Filled with different kinds of stalls and shops nanjing road is famous for its night food , but another thing nanjing road was known for but close to the public was the auction house located here that only a few can enter .

The auction house was a cultivator den protected by an ai field which can only be seen by cultivators or those invited .

" cui lin have you ever heard of the nanjing house ? "

Cui lin nodded " I saw some reports on some of the docnuments passed to us but I think it is all rumors . "

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" we will find out follow me " I walked passed by the thousands of people shopping and walking until we reach a large wall ."

Cui lin was confused as he looks at the large wall before him " sir we should head back we might have made a mistake "

I was smiling while hearinf cui lin's word because this wall might confuse ordinary people , but it was embeded with ai . I slowly touched the wall and infused a little of my strength ..

Inside the nanjing house .


The place was humongous a large temple can be seen on the middle of a garden and a scenic lake view . The temple was around 12 stories high big enough to fit hundreds of people . On the top of the temple was a projected list - heaven ranking - the rumored heaven ranking can be seen projected on the very top it had 100 names on it .

On the very top of the temple 4 men can be seen playing majhong a traditional gambling sport of china one of them had a long beard , but most of them were around the ages 70 or above what was unique about them was that they were playing majhong with there ai injecting it on every tile . They were the 4 great patriarchs of the 4 great families of china there names were among the top 30 of the heaven list .

They were playing casually waiting for the auction to begin when they heard a comotion from the heaven list projection .

A young man appeared before them he was one of the men desiple . " master Guo there is a change on the heaven list ! "

The four continued playing not batting an eye to the young man . " despicable didn't your master teach you some manners while we are playing majhong ! " one of the four patriarch shouted .

" calm down old Xiang my student must have a reason . " stopping his movement he slowly look at his disciple " speak "

The young man kneeled and cupped his hands " master the top 10 has changed ! "

.... the 4 patriarchs look at the young man with surprise as they all stood up and went to the exit.

" woah boss I never expected the nanjing house to be real . " he arrived with Ye fu in this place .

" its natural that common folks won't even this in there lifetime as this place is not for the ordinary people . " Ye fu said while he was observing the vicinity which was filled with cultivators and high ranking officials .

I saw a notification when I got here." Dear cultivator after assesing your cultivation we have sense that you have reached a realm that has far surpassed the heaven realm a void user to be exact or maybe even stronger if you wish to be known we will rank you on the very top of the heaven ranking "

It would be unwise to attract attention even if I am strong enough so I'll think of a name . " Fu Ye"

" is this your final choice "

I clicked yes as a magic light appeared before the projection and the name fu ye claimed the top spot cultivation was placed as unable to asses .

The jaws of the cultivators were wide in disbelieve but they can't argue with the opinion of the nanjing house.

" Fu ye.. " a woman with white skin and slender body said as she looks at the ranking she was sitting on the vip room drinking a glass of wine . Her tounge continues to lick her rosy red lips .

Besides her was another beautiful girl black lily . She seems to be analyzing the board but her eyes were locked on the new arrival . " Zexi can you inspect that man over there ? "

Sun zhexi was known for her eyes which can identify cultivators 2 realms abover her she has seen cultivators above the heaven realm and the void realm before , but as she stares at Ye fu her face was full of suprise " black lily I have to dissapoint you "

" oh " black lily said as she look at sun zhexi " how could that be your cultivation has already reached the 7th stage of the heaven realm and with your eyes you could identify those powerhouses on the void realm could he be Above it ? " black lily said

Sun Zhexi nodded as she stands up and grabs her coat covering her peerless white skin . " my eyes has never betrayed me black lily this man is very powerfull . "

Black lily and sun zhexi were powerhouses on the top 20 of the heaven realm reaching the cultivation of the 7th and 8th stage .

A large golem appeared before ye fu and above it was a man dressed neatly . " goodmorning cultivator may I help you with something ? "

Ye Fu smilled " I would want a private room price won't matter . " the man smilled as he took ye fu as a rich man " respectable cultivator this temple is divided into 12 floors and as one gets into a higher floor the scenery will be a lot better the auction house is located at the 6th floor which means that only those who can acess the 6th floor and above can participate . "

" and how much would it cost for the 6th floor ? " ye fu asked .

The man grabbed a ai powered gadget from his bag " the basic admission would cost ¥ 500,000 while a private room would cost ¥ 5,000,000 . Cui lin who was beside Ye fu was speechless he did not expect that such a room would cost that much money .

" how about the 7th floor or the 8th floor " I asked . The man replied " it would only have a private room after the 6th floor so the cost would be 2 times for the 7th floor and then 3 times for the 8th floor . "

" I'll get the 6th floor " I said I did not need to spend that much money on higher rooms .

The man smiled escorting me to the room .

The room was spacious around 250 square meters with a couch , table , refrigerator and a large window that oversees the auction hall. I paid the man the 5 million by cheque as I sit on the couch afterwards .

The auction sortly started with a female host appearing before the crowd of at least 300. There were another 2 female besides the host carrying the to be auctioned item as the female host undress the coat covering the item the first item was shown .

A 30 year old enscribed sword said by the female host and it was created by a famous inscriber it will boost the cultivators strength when in used .

The auction price started at ¥500,000

More than 3 or people fought for the sword , but in the end the sword was bought by a cultivator located at the 7th floor with a value of ¥ 1.9 million .

I wasn't interest in any weapon as of the moment because I believe nothing could surpass the sword I have used during my old life that can injure gods.

The next item was a red herb valued at ¥ 3.3 million again the auction lasted for several minutes as medicine enthusiast fought for the herb until a cultivator from the 7th floor succesfully made the bid for ¥ 5 million after the bid for the herb finished the next item sparkled my interest a woman ! , but as I look closer I was surprised by her innate talent it might be still asleep but her bloodline is one of the rarest even in the cultivation world another thing was even if the womans eyes were covered with a cloak her face speaks fairy .

The host smiled " you may think why we brought a woman but she is not only beautiful, but she has a very strong bloodline it might have been awaken as of the moment but in the future with some training she can be one of your most usefull ally . " the host said

" the starting price will be ¥10,000,000 "

Faced with the chance of a future heaven expert or even higher and at the same time a fairy like beauty the cultivators present could not help but auction.

11th floor black lily and sun zhexi can be seen sipping there teas completely bored .

As the woman arrive her beauty shocked the cultivators and even sun zhexi and black lily.

" zhexi what do you rate her ? "

Sun zhexi locked her eyes on the woman " her talent is shocking even to me if she is trained properly in a few years she will easily reach the heaven rank . "

" so a good investment ? " black lily said

Sun zhexi gave her the shoulder as she prepares to auction " I will get this girl and make her my disciple . "

Black lily laughed " as you wish , but I think you will have a competitor. " black lily locks her eyes on Ye Fu's direction.

The competition was tense with sun zhexi bidding an additional 3 million yuan everytine a new cultivator calls a bid .

One of the 4 patriarchs old man Fang was looking at the intense competition before looking back at his 3 colleagues " won't any of you offer a bid ? The woman seems

to be a great talent . "

" impossible sun zhexing has already chosen to take her and with her assets only if all 4 of us combine are money can we have a chance to stop her. "

Most of the cultivators were already thinking sun zhexing would claim the prize after ending at the price of ¥ 127 million , when suddenly heard another bid .

Cui lin called ¥ 150,000,000 . A couple of minutes ago while everyone were shouting out and fighting against one another ye fu was staring intently at the situation .

" why did I get myself into this mess.. " cui lin said .

Sun zhexing stared at the mortal fighting against her .she added another 30 million making her bid rise to 157 million when another call was made cui lin stands there raising there bid to 200 million .

" zhexing will you continue ? " lily asked as sun zhexing closely examines the situation before her . " I can continue if I want I need that girl I can even lose a billion yuan if I have to , but it seems like that man is under no given situation giving up . "

After a few calls Ye Fu won the woman at the price of 200 million yuan . " boss that is a lot of money " cui lin said

Ye fu stood up fixing his coat " no need to worry this woman is a good investment I know of it . " cui lin only nodded . A short whole later a man dressed like the manager appeared with him was the woman .

" respectable guest " he bowed

Ye fu nodded as he gave a cheque that had his signature and the amount 200 million on it .

" whats your name ? " ye fu asked

" I'm Xie Mei " she answered