11 Water-Element Domain Field!

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Chu Feng was smiling on the surface.

But in his heart, he had already sentenced these sons of bitches of the Great Harmony Country to death.

Just now, he had already made a spiritual mark in Tortoise Field's body.

No matter where he went, he would not be able to escape from Chu Feng's grasp.

Unless his spiritual energy cultivation surpassed his, otherwise he could forget about getting rid of it.

At this time period, there were not even a Grade D cultivator in the whole world.

He had not wanted to do it on the spot because he did not want to implicate Captain Wei and his team.

"My hand! Idiot! Someone, kill him!"

Tortoise Field was in so much pain that he wanted to commit suicide. He gritted his teeth and gave an order.

Instantly, more than ten soldiers from the Great Harmony Country surrounded Chu Feng.

The dark muzzles of their guns were pressed against Chu Feng's head.

Chu Feng sneered.

He was confident that he could dodge before these dwarfs could fire, and kill everyone instead.

"Let's see who dares!"

Suddenly, Captain Wei roared in anger, "Men, surround them!"

There was a clamor everywhere.

His eyes were filled with killing intent.

Click! Click!

It was the sound of bullets being loaded in unison.

The Wei team pointed their guns directly at Tortoise Field's head.

When Tortoise Field saw this, he really panicked.

But at that time, his life would have long been gone.

Not to mention that he had fewer men. Even if he were to have twice as many men, he would not know what to do.

"Captain Wei, what… are you doing? We can talk things out…"

A trace of killing intent flashed across Captain Wei's eyes.

"Don't challenge the bottom line of my tolerance."

"Haha, Captain Wei must be joking. I was just playing around with my little brothers. Men, put away your guns."

After saying this, Tortoise Field looked at Captain Wei with a dry smile.

With Tortoise Field's giving in, this farce also ended.

If it was not a last resort, Captain Wei would not have wanted to bring trouble upon himself by killing these people.

As Chu Feng was leaving, he cast a meaningful glance at Tortoise Field.

He had more important business to attend to. Once he had obtained the Devouring Bloodline, he would offer Captain Tortoise as a sacrifice to the heavens.

Seeing the calm expression on Chu Feng's face as he left, Lin Xiaoling pursed her lips.

"This guy has such a strong ego. Even if he stays in the team, Captain Wei, you will still be able to protect him, right?"

Captain Wei frowned and abruptly changed the topic.

"I sense that… he's not ordinary."

At this moment, Captain Wei even thought of the martial arts families and hidden sects.

Could it be that Chu Feng came from those places?

Shaking his head, he threw these thoughts out of his mind and pulled himself together.

"Carry on with the expedition mission."

He had been constantly on guard against retaliation from the expedition team of the Great Harmony Country.

After this episode, the grudge between the two teams had deepened.

On the other hand, Chu Feng was no longer suppressing his speed after he had left.

He began to travel at lightning speed.

Another half a day had passed.

Chu Feng raised his head and looked at the enormous pillar reaching toward the sky.

It was so deep into the clouds that its full appearance could not be seen.

He had arrived at the Sky Connecting Demon Mountain!

Of course, this was only the periphery of the Sky Connecting Demon Mountain.

After he had gotten his bearings right, Chu Feng began to proceed with caution.

Grade C demonic creatures would often appear here.

One could even run into Grade B or even the terrifying Grade A demonic creatures.

Furthermore, the environment itself was treacherous.

Chu Feng did not dare to be the least bit careless.

He passed by a Blackwater Swamp.

Chu Feng held his breath and moved his feet slowly.

If he had remembered correctly, the Blackwater Swamp had been inhabited by a tribe known as the Black-Striped Pythons.

Any one of them would be Grade C in strength.

The best among them even had the strength of a Grade B.

If Chu Feng were to bump into them now, whether he could escape or not, would really be a question.

He had made it half-way through the Blackwater Swamp safely without incident.

Not even far away, Chu Feng could see a Black-Striped Python sleeping.

Just as he was about to speed up and hurry across, suddenly, Chu Feng felt a tingling sensation in his scalp.

The countless life-and-death experiences in his previous life told him,


There was no time to think.

His body instinctively exerted its strength and he took a big step to the side.

In the next second, Chu Feng saw a green snake the size of a grasshopper cutting through his hair.

Obviously, if he had been a second late, a hole would have appeared in Chu Feng's head.

Green-Thread Viper!

This was a terrifying snake which was apparently no less than the Black-Striped Pythons.

Small in size and extremely fast, it was good at concealment and sneak attacks.

To humans, they were even more terrifying than the Black-Striped Pythons.

Although the Green-Thread Viper in front of him was only of Grade C standard, Chu Feng did not dare to be the least bit careless.

Furthermore, when he avoided the Green-Thread Viper earlier, Chu Feng's movements were simply too large, and he had directly awakened the Black-Striped Python in the Blackwater Swamp.

Chu Feng felt his body tense up.

Around him, more than ten Black-Striped Pythons were staring at him with their bell-sized eyes and hissing.

Damn it, I'm going all out!

Chu Feng did not hesitate.

Spiritual energy erupted from his body.

He shot forward like a cannonball.

In front, a Grade C Black-Striped Python was charging toward him.

"Go and die!"

Chu Feng poured spiritual energy into his hands.

A layer of faint light appeared.

His hands had transformed into eagle claws.


Chu Feng tore the Black-Striped Python apart like a savage.

To kill a snake, one had to hit it directly at its vital spot.

Chu Feng knew the weakness of the Black-Striped Python.

It was not difficult to instantly kill a beast of the same grade.

However, Chu Feng did not dare to linger around.

He could already feel it.

Behind him, indescribable terrifying eyes had locked onto him.

It was definitely an expert from the Black-Striped Python tribe, one which was at least a Grade B Black-Striped Python.

If it had caught up to him, plus the increasing number of Black-Striped Pythons around, Chu Feng could not be sure whether he could escape.

The energy intensity alone of a Grade B was ten times that of a Grade C.

Moreover, the physique of these beasts was basically much stronger than that of humans.

At this moment, Chu Feng could only flee.

In terms of speed, the Black-Striped Pythons were not fast.

Seeing that Chu Feng was about to rush out of the Blackwater Swamp, a slender green line could be seen catching up from the side.

Its poisonous fangs on both sides glistened with an icy lustre.

It was that Green-Thread Viper again.

Chu Feng gnashed his teeth angrily.

If it had not been for that Green-Thread Viper, Chu Feng would not be in such a sorry state.

He stared intently at the Green-Thread Viper that was charging towards him like lightning.

"You too, die!"

Following Chu Feng's explosive outburst, faint water-like ripples suddenly surged around him.

When the Green-Thread Viper charged into the ripples, it was as if it had been restrained by an invisible force.

Its speed plummeted.

The Green-Thread Viper struggled and hissed, but it could not break free no matter what.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Chu Feng grabbed the Green-Thread Viper with both hands and yanked it with all his might.


The Green-Thread Viper immediately snapped.

Green blood spilled into the Blackwater Swamp.

After killing the annoying fellow, Chu Feng did not dare to linger around.

He dashed out of the Blackwater Swamp, and ran madly for another few kilometers before stopping.

After he had checked to ensure that he was completely safe, he let out a long breath.

"Phew… That was close. Fortunately, I managed to use the Water-Element Domain Field."

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