58 Forcibly Subdued!

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When Mara mentioned the Three-Eyed Demon Wolf, a crazy plan suddenly flashed through Chu Feng's mind.

He had never tried it in his previous life.

But once he succeeded, it would be a superb opportunity to instantly kill Mara!

Everyone knew that a warrior needed to make a soul contract to tame a pet beast.

This soul contract required a warrior to offer part of their soul to control the pet beast.

If this part of the soul was torn apart in an instant, it would cause tremendous damage to the warrior.

In serious cases, it could even cause a warrior to go crazy.

Even the lightest situation would cause one's soul to become deranged for a period of time, causing one to lose the ability to move.

Chu Feng suddenly thought of a treasure.

That High-quality Super Ball!

He had originally planned to use it to forcefully subdue the Nightmare Ingesting Beast King.

In fact, this was Chu Feng's original goal for entering the abyss.

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