1 Global Navigation Game

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The waves on the sea surface crashed against each other.

"What the hell is this?"

Still wearing his pajamas and with a confused look on his face, Chen Feng used his hands and feet to paddle on the water in the sea to prevent from sinking.

He shouted that he would not sleep while the moon was up. However, he had just fallen asleep on his bed after watching short videos for the whole night.

At the next second, he appeared in the sea and was woken up by the seawater. Fortunately, he could swim. He only drank a little seawater and felt a little hoarse.

The waves on the sea surface were tiny, but the sun hanging above his head made his skin tingle.

After wiping the seawater off his face, a sound of a notification suddenly sounded in Chen Feng's mind.

[Welcome to the Global Navigation Game.]

[You will survive on a planet that is filled with oceans.]

[Do your best to gather resources and upgrade your vehicle. It is the only thing you can rely on to survive.]

[No matter who you meet, be it your own kind, monsters, or other races, please remain vigilant. The only person you can trust in this world is yourself.]

[You can use your mind to open out your game interface. The functions inside will help you survive. Please explore it on your own.]

[You have three days of novice protection. During these three days, summon your vehicle. When you are in the raft, you cannot be harmed.]

[After three days, the world would be opened, and danger will slowly approaching. In thirty days, you will face the first catastrophe.]

[Finally, don't worry about the old, the weak, the sick, and the disabled. They will be released after the second catastrophe.]


Chen Feng was at a loss with the scene in front of him, and the notifications in his mind told him that everything was real.

"Sea survival game?"

"Forget it. I'm already here. I'll just treat it as a vacation!"

Since he was already here, he would just take it as it was. Chen Feng's mental strength was strong enough.

He was born in an old orphanage and had no worries, so he had no one to worry about.

Now was not the time to complain. From the sound of the notification just now, Chen Feng roughly understood that this was a sea survival game.

Following the notification, Chen Feng focused his attention and called out the game interface.

There were four options on the interface.

[Warehouse], [Trade], [Manufacture], [Chat]

And at the top of the interface, there was a row of small words.

[Novice protection period: 2 days, 23 hours, 40 minutes]

[First natural disaster sea storm: 29 days, 23 hours, 40 minutes]

"It's similar to some survival games I've played before." Chen Feng nodded as he was particularly familiar with this kind of interface.

With a thought, he focused on [Chat].

[World chat] and [Regional chat] appeared respectively. He took a look at the world chat.

[Due to a large number of people in the game, in order to purify the chat environment, the system has automatically blocked useless messages such as 'seeking family', 'false', 'cheating', and so on.]

"Where the hell is this? How did I pull myself up to the surface of the sea and sit on it!"

"Oh no, it's coming, it's coming, the end of the world is really coming, hahaha!"

"Who the hell kidnapped me here? I want to call the police, and I want to sue him!"

"Help! Help! I don't know how to swim...gulu gulu~"

"Glug glug~ +1"

"The person who can't swim, hurry up and open the warehouse, then summon the raft!"

"I'm saved. Thank you for reminding me to summon the raft. I almost drowned!"



There were a lot of people chatting in the world chat, and messages kept flashing.

Every ID was the actual person's photo and real name.

There were notifications at the bottom of the chatbox (1/1 daily messages) and (4 billion online users).

It seemed that world chat could only send one message every day. Most of the current world chat messages were about asking for help, and there were also notifications for summoning the Raft.

Chen Feng opened the [Regional chat].

The messages inside were similar to world chat.

At the bottom of the chatbox, there was only one notification (10,000 people online). Without the notification for daily messages, there seemed to be no limit to the number of messages that could be sent in the regional chat each day.

"Looks like what the notification said is true. Other than the old, the weak, the sick, and the disabled, all the other humans have transmigrated just like me!"

After closing the chat, Chen Feng opened the [Warehouse] again.

There were 30 items in the warehouse. At the bottom was a + symbol indicating the size of the warehouse could be upgraded. However, the + symbol was now red and could not be selected.

There were only two items in the inventory. Chen Feng looked at them carefully.

[Rough raft]

Level: 1

Area: 5 *10M

Evaluation: Looked very broken, but in fact, it's even more damaged than it looks.

[Fishing rod (Unable to be upgraded, disappears at the end of the novice period)]

Function: 1% chance of catching something, 1-minute cooldown.

Evaluation: Although there is no fishing hook, what if a silly fish was willing to take the bait!

After looking at it for a while, Chen Feng quickly followed the tips of others in the world chat to summon the raft first.

Although he could swim, it was not a good idea to keep soaking in the water.

"Summon the raft!"

A green light suddenly lit up in Chen Feng's hand. A simple raft suddenly appeared and smashed into the sea, splashing waster onto Chen Feng's face.

After climbing onto the raft, he summoned the fishing rod. The same light flashed, and a two-meter-long wooden fishing rod appeared in his hand. The fishing line was a hemp rope made of an unknown material.

Seawater kept seeping out from the gaps of the broken raft.

Chen Feng had a headache.

The fishing rod in his hand did not even have a hook, much less bait. Even if he successfully caught a fish, eating the fish would probably lower his IQ.

Shaking his head, Chen Feng continued to observe the game interface.

There were two types of [Trade]. The player could specify a player to trade items with each other.

There was also an auction function. The player would put the item up for auction, and the highest bidder would get it.

There was no intermediary fee for the time being.

However, the game had just started, and there were no items up for auction yet.

There was also a [Manufacture]

Chen Feng focused on what he was looking at.

[Barrel: Wood (remaining 0, requires 4)]

[Harpoon: Wood (remaining 0, requires 2) ,iron (remaining 0, requires 2)]

[Fishing net: plant fiber (remaining 0, requires 10)]


There were a lot of items that could be made, but Chen Feng did not have any of the required materials.

After fumbling around for a long time, Chen Feng had a rough understanding of all the functions in the game interface.

The novice protection period was only three days. According to the hint, there might be danger after three days.

And the first natural disaster, the sea storm, would arrive in thirty days. The sea storm was no joke, not to mention that all the players could only rely on a raft to survive.

However, at the moment, they couldn't care less about the impending danger.

Thinking about the game interface, it had been a relatively long time. The scorching sun above their heads made their mouths dry.

Right now, everyone was only concerned about two issues. One was freshwater, and the other was food.

They opened the world chat.

"I'm hungry and thirsty. Can anyone trade me some water and food? I'll trade you with plain underwear. Yellow Men's underwear. Picture. JPG."

"Get out of Here!"


"Is everyone's warehouse filled with rafts and fishing rods?"

"PFFT! Forget about rafts. How can that even be called a fishing rod? There's not even a hook. I started fishing just now, but I didn't catch anything!"

"I did see a fish. It circled around the fishing rod, spat at me, and then left."

"I caught a leather shoe...picture. JPG."

"I caught a piece of rotten wood."

"1% of catching something? So it doesn't even have to be a fish!"


The items in the warehouse were all the same. Many people complained about the fishing rod without a hook.

Now, everyone was facing a serious problem. What if they had no food or water to survive at sea?

After a long time, Chen Feng felt very hot. His mouth was bitter, and his stomach was starting to feel hungry.

Before he transmigrated, he had watched many survival movies and videos. The most important thing now was to get water and food as soon as possible.

Otherwise, under the scorching sun and severe water shortage, he might not be able to survive for three days.

There was no other way. In the game world, a fishing rod without a hook might actually be able to catch fish. Chen Feng could only touch the fishing rod with a 1% chance of catching anything.

He took out a thick black fishing rod and inserted it into the water.

[Probability item detected. Is the probability of activating it 100%? Emperor's luck can not be bought even if you have money!]


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