Global Sailing: I Have 100% Probability Book

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Global Sailing: I Have 100% Probability

Super Great God

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Humans around the globe try to survive in the ocean! Sea storms, mutated beasts, unlimited whirlpools, global permafrost…… Facing one after another natural disaster, humans had to keep upgrading their vessels to just survive! Fortunately, Chen Feng had a unique gift — 100% probability! 100% chance to catch a fish! 100% chance to hit a target from far! 100% chance to get loot from treasure chest draws! 100% chance to succeed at upgrades! [Wooden Raft → SailBoat → Cruise Ship…… Floating City] [Bow and Arrow → Cannon → Missile → Localized Artillery Strikes] While others were still struggling to survive and feed themselves, Chen Feng was smashing through the waves and conquering the seas! “Did you hear about Chen Feng? I heard he’s showing off his food, his yacht and those gorgeous ladies again!” “F*ck! Let’s join forces and go rob him!” “He added new weapons to his ship again!” “......”


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