Global Lord: 100% Drop Rate

Everyone transmigrated to the High Continent and became a Lord to participate in the conquest between Lords from all the other races. A few lucky Lords would receive Lord Talents. “Hah! My talent is the Knight’s Hall, a Diamond-Tier Lord Talent! My subjects can job change into a unique warrior class, the Combat Spirit Knight!” “My Lord Talent is the King of Abyss. I can summon demons to become my subjects!” “I have a lot of subjects who are scientists! I can create advanced technologies!” “My Talent allows me to cultivate! I’ll become a celestial!” Zhou Zhou received a Legendary-Tier Lord Talent — 100% drop rate! Not only could he see the things he would receive from an enemy, but his enemies would drop all of their loot when they were defeated. “Watch as I make you drop your Talents!”

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White Platinum-Tier Elementary Grade Soldier! Feng Luo With A Great Change In Disposition!

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Zhou Zhou called Wu Xin and brought the 42,850 recruitment books to the Gate of Summoning. Then, he began to summon new recruits.

Then, he did not care much and let Wu Xin gather the new recruits here. He opened the Marketplace and threw in 80,000 Basic Military Profession Change Certificates, as well as excess materials, skill books, equipment, and other items. Then, he directly announced the transaction.

In less than a moment, this transaction was ranked first on the transaction viewership rankings.

Zhou Zhou closed the Marketplace interface and quietly waited for the recruitment to end.

Half an hour later.

42,850 soldiers walked out of the Gate of Summoning and joined the Blazing Sun Army.

Coupled with the 12 Elemental Archers recruited from the Time Ruins and the 126 golems in the Golem Lair,

At this point!

The total number of soldiers under Zhou Zhou had officially reached 134,584!

"Now I have an army of 100,000!"