Global Lord: 100% Drop Rate

Everyone transmigrated to the High Continent and became a Lord to participate in the conquest between Lords from all the other races. A few lucky Lords would receive Lord Talents. “Hah! My talent is the Knight’s Hall, a Diamond-Tier Lord Talent! My subjects can job change into a unique warrior class, the Combat Spirit Knight!” “My Lord Talent is the King of Abyss. I can summon demons to become my subjects!” “I have a lot of subjects who are scientists! I can create advanced technologies!” “My Talent allows me to cultivate! I’ll become a celestial!” Zhou Zhou received a Legendary-Tier Lord Talent — 100% drop rate! Not only could he see the things he would receive from an enemy, but his enemies would drop all of their loot when they were defeated. “Watch as I make you drop your Talents!”

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Aurora Tower! Ashburn’s Results!

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"White Platinum-Tier Advance Grade!"

"A White Platinum-Tier Intermediate Grade Architect! A top talent of the human race!"

Zhou Zhou looked at Zhao Changshou's interface and could not help but sigh. This old man had almost reached the limit of the human race's potential.

He looked at the other party's skill panel.

There were dozens of construction skills!

This is someone whom you call a real Professional!

Previously, he had obtained the blueprints for the residence, warehouse, and blacksmith shop from the upgrade of the Lord's wooden house which he could not use.

This big shot had all his skills and more!

He would give these three blueprints to the Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade Architect. Zhou Zhou thought.

Then, his gaze landed on the last skill in the skill column.

Kingdom-level building, Aurora Tower (White Platinum-Tier Intermediate Grade)!

It was also the only Kingdom-level building in the opponent's skill bar! He opened it curiously.

[Building Name: Aurora Tower]

[Building Level: White Platinum-Tier Intermediate Grade]

[Building Function 1: Light Energy Reserve Device — Absorb light elements and store them in the Light Energy Reserve Device of the Aurora Tower to collect attack energy for the Aurora Cannon!]

[Building Effect 2: Aurora Cannon - Ray Mode — Activate Aurora Cannon and continuously release light elemental energy, forming an extremely penetrating Aurora Ray that sweeps through all enemies in range!]

[Building Effect 2: Aurora Cannon - Polarity Mode — Activating Aurora Cannon, instantly releasing all the light element energy in the energy storage device. Concentrate on one point to kill the enemy. It can kill anything below the Extraordinary-Tier!]

[Remark: The Aurora Tower has a range of 100,000 meters!]

[Building Upgrade: 50,000 units of wood, 50,000 units of fine sand, 100,000 units of metal, 100,000 units of stone, 100 units of White Platinum-Tier Aurora Crystals, 50 White Platinum-Tier Mist Core!]

[Architecture Description: A building of the Aurora Tribe. It is also the only kingdom-level building in the Aurora Kingdom. It plays an indelible role in the establishment and expansion of the Aurora Kingdom.]

Zhou Zhou's eyes widened. It could kill any enemy below the Extraordinary-Tier!?

What a powerful and exclusive Kingdom-level building!

However, he frowned slightly when he saw the materials he needed.

Aurora Crystals!

He had never heard of such a material. It was probably some high-level material.

He made a mental note to ask the world channel later to see if any Lord had it.

Then, Zhou Zhou brought everyone around the territory and communicated the basic situation in Blazing Sun City. The others were responsible for listening and occasionally asking questions.

After he finished speaking, everyone immediately started discussing.

"It seems that my Lord's territory lacks a lot of basic building facilities." Zhao Changshou stroked his white beard and said.

"Exactly. We'll have to depend on Elder Zhao now."

"Don't worry about the materials and Mist Cores. There are a lot of them in the territory." Zhou Zhou said.

He now had more than 70,000 units of basic materials and 5,664 Black Iron-Tier Mist Cores in his territory!

It was enough to build these basic buildings!

"Leave it to this old man. However, I need the Lord to arrange some people for me." Zhao Changshou nodded in agreement.

"Okay!" Zhou Zhou nodded.

Then, he handed the four unemployed male subjects to Zhao Changshou.

"Erm… My Lord, Senior Zhao."

"Can I be an understudy to Senior Zhao?" Qian Du, a Black Iron-Tier Elementary Grade Architect asked nervously.

He was only 18 years old, still giddy from both nervousness and excitement.

He originated from the Aurora Kingdom and was an unorthodox architect without a master.

He had long heard of this honorary president of the Building Association and had admired him.

Therefore, when Zhao Changshou appeared in front of him, he immediately had a bold idea.

If he could learn from this old senior and even acknowledge him as his master… Then he would no longer have to explore the path of an architect alone. This was undoubtedly crucial to his career path!

Zhou Zhou and Zhao Changshou looked at each other and smiled.

Both of them could tell what this person was thinking.

However, they were not disgusted.

"That will depend on the Lord." Zhao Changshou smiled.

Qian Du immediately looked at Zhou Zhou nervously.

"You can be Elder Zhao's assistant. He has no use for these three building blueprints. Take them." Zhou Zhou handed the blueprints of the residence, warehouse, and blacksmith shop to Qian Du.

"Thank you, my Lord!"

"Thank you, Senior Zhao!" Qian Du was extremely excited.

"Elder Zhao, what are you going to build first?" Zhou Zhou asked.

"Don't worry about the residences. Those tents still work. Let's build a Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade Medical Hall first."

"Even though we have Life Potions, the production rate is low at the moment. Moreover, Life Potions can only heal and not treat illnesses."

"It just so happens that we have a Black Iron-Tier Intermediate Grade Doctor here."

"A doctor and a medical hall are the true methods of treating and saving people. After the clinic is built, we'll start building warehouses, homes and other buildings." Zhao Changshou pondered for a moment and suggested.

Zhou Zhou nodded, feeling very comfortable.

Normally, if he wanted to build a medical center, he needed a medical center blueprint.

If he just relied on killing monsters to obtain the blueprint of the medical hall, he did not know when he would be able to obtain it.

Everyone was fine now, he did not have to worry about the blueprint with Zhao Changshou around. He could directly build it!

In the foreseeable future, he would save a lot of building blueprints because of Elder Zhao.

After that, Zhou Zhou stopped chatting and brought the remaining four subjects without profession to the gnome alchemy workshop.

"Ashburn, I brought you the helpers you wanted."

When Zhou Zhou entered, he realized that there was no one in the shop.

He told the four of them not to walk around casually, then walked to the door of the nearby studio. When he opened the door, he saw Ashburn working on a half-finished mechanostrider at the workbench.

He called out to him twice before realizing that Ashburn did not respond at all.

Zhou Zhou raised his eyebrows, then he came to the opposite side.

Ashburn's eyes were red, and his gaze was focused on the mechanostrider in front of him. He kept assembling the mechanostrider, as if he had not slept for a long time.

Zhou Zhou frowned.

"Ashburn!" He raised his voice and used some mental power.

Ashburn, who was in a state of concentration, trembled. Then, he raised his head and looked at Zhou Zhou.

"My Lord? When did you arrive?"

He was surprised.

"How long has it been since you slept?"

Zhou Zhou looked at his bloodshot eyes and said.

"I haven't slept since the last time we met."

"If you don't sleep, you're going to die! Don't work anymore. Go to sleep!" Zhou Zhou said solemnly.

"I won't die so easily. I can still…"

"Are you going against my orders?" Zhou Zhou glared at him.

Ashburn's tone faltered, then he said helplessly:

"Yes, my Lord."

"I'll go to sleep after handing over the potions and mechanostrider I've made during this period to you." Zhou Zhou nodded slightly.

Then, Ashburn brought Zhou Zhou to an underground warehouse.

"This is my alchemy warehouse, specially used to store alchemy items I have yet to sell."

"My Lord, take these with you."

Ashburn pointed at the boxes of potions and rows of mechanostrider in front of him. He was both tired and proud.

Zhou Zhou went forward to check.

A moment later, the inspection was complete.

A total of 40 Health Potions, 10 Energy Potions, and 10 Mechanostriders!

Zhou Zhou found it hard to imagine that this was created by a lone gnome in less than an entire day.

"These potions will be very useful in conquering the Scarlet Lord. I'll remember your contribution."

"Still, Ashburn. I know you want to share my burden but our territory is doing well."

"I don't need you to work so hard for the time being, our territory will have a wonderful future. I hope that both you and I can see that future."

"But you will not be able to see it if you collapse from exhaustion halfway down the road." Zhou Zhou said.

Ashburn froze, then, a smile appeared on his face and he nodded vigorously.

Zhou Zhou did not say much.

He placed the White Platinum-Tier Advance Grade Racial Talent Sphere and a skill book on Mental Manipulation on the table. Then, he told him that the helpers he needed were in the shop before leaving.