1 The Advent Of The Global Game

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The sudden light rain gradually engulfed the entire Haizhou city.

On the park bench in front of the third hospital in the city, Li Fei was sitting there alone with a test report in his hand.

Unlike others, he wasn't running around looking for a place to hide from the rain.

He simply raised his head slightly, and a hint of dissatisfaction appeared on his calm face.

"It's already f*cking like this, aren't you going to let me go?"

On the report that was wet from the rain, a few lines of words could be vaguely seen.

Advanced stage of brain cancer.

Estimated... three months and such information.

Next, the paper was crumpled into a ball and thrown into the flower bed next to the trash can while drawing a beautiful arc.

Li Fei frowned with some dissatisfaction.

He walked over to pick up the wet paper ball, stuffed it into the trash can, put his hands in his pockets, and left the hospital without looking back.

"Whatever, I don't have to take care of anyone else anyway. Three months, what's there to worry about?"

The people who were hiding from the rain by the side of the hospital looked at Li Fei, who was "leisurely walking" in the rain as if he was a lunatic.

A mysterious and massive electronic voice, which can be heard by everyone, smashed into the minds of everyone on Earth.

[ The terrifying Samsara game program has been installed. ]

[ All players on Earth are welcome to participate! ]

[ All participants can enter the game automatically every seven days. ]

[ As long as you survive in the game, you will receive unimaginable rewards! ]

[ Rewards include but are not limited to: Strength potions, Medicines for recovering from any injuries and illnesses, Pills to regenerate broken limbs, Life-prolonging medicines, and various other special medicines. ]

[ There are also countless items and abilities that can be brought out of the game and used in the modern world. ]

[ Please work hard to complete the missions in order to receive generous rewards! ]

The mysterious game had just disappeared.

On everyone's phones, a program called [ Samsara Game ] appeared.

As long as one were to click on the program, they would be able to see a line of text.

[ Time to start of next game: 6 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds... ]

Other than that, there was nothing else.

After a moment of silence, clamor instantly resounded throughout the streets and alleys of the world!

Li Fei was stunned for a moment before he quickly reacted.

He looked left and right at the crowd that was at a loss, and even started to show signs of panic.

He immediately understood that he wasn't the only one who heard that voice!

He quickly hopped onto a shared bike and returned to his rented room.

After locking the door, he gratefully opened his computer and browsed through it.

As expected, the entire internet was in a complete uproar!

Popular blog searches, Baidu forums, everyone was talking about the same thing!

The horror game had arrived!

"Look at your phone! That Samsara game has already been installed on your phone!"

"Yeah, it's on my phone too! I can't even uninstall it!"

"Let's not talk about uninstalling it. I've already wiped by phone clean, but all it did was to crash my phone, while the game is still here TT"

"It's the same with my new phone. No matter how I change it, that app will always follow me. What should I do?"

"My Grandma's keypad-style geriatric machine has been installed with this damn app..."

"Hahaha, the end of the world has finally come!"

"I've been waiting for this day for a long time! Let's destroy this boring world!"

"Are you crazy? If It's true, what about your family and friends?"

"Damn, a bunch of idiots!"

"Right! Seeing that Dragonland is about to surpass them and become the strongest country in the world, those outsiders came up with this to mess with us!"

"Stop guessing. Hurry up and watch the TV!"

Li Fei's eyes flashed.

While continuing to browse the comments, he opened the web page and entered the online television station.

He saw the two national-level news anchors that could only be seen at seven o'clock every night.

They sat in front of the camera and read the latest news released by the country.

"Citizens of Dragonland, please don't panic."

"For the time being, there are no traces of manipulation by any external country or force in this incident."

"Please stay at home for the next seven days."

"We will announce the latest investigation situation to everyone as soon as possible."

"Before that, I hope that all citizens will make sufficient preparations."

"I suggest that you prepare the tools you will need, such as knives, flint..."

When he saw this, Li Fei felt dizzy.

The sensation at the tip of his nose let him know that his brain cancer was acting up again.

However, this time.

Li Fei did not rush around looking for paper to wipe.

Instead, he casually rolled up his T-shirt and wiped it.

He turned on his phone and looked at the words [ 6 days, 23 hours, 14 minutes, 22 seconds ] on it.

He laughed happily.

"Hehe, is this heaven's will?"

His brain cancer was just diagnosed by the doctor and he still had three months to live.

If he received chemotherapy, he could last for half a year to a year.

However, as an orphan, Li Fei did not have the money to pay for the expensive chemotherapy.

Originally, he had planned to give up all treatment.

During these three months, he went on a trip and finally found a scenic spot to "Ascend to heaven".

In the end, this program had actually descended at this desperate moment.

Li Fei remembered clearly that the mysterious voice had said it.

In the game, one could obtain medicine to cure diseases!

Since that voice was so powerful and mysterious, even the high-level officials of the dragon kingdom were helpless and could only instruct the people to be prepared.

Then wouldn't it be easy to solve this "small" brain cancer of his?

I have to say, my luck...

I really don't know if it's heaven-defyingly lucky or extremely unlucky.

After two bitter laughs, Li Fei didn't waste any more time.

Instead, he started to immerse himself in browsing about the game.

Although he didn't know what he would face in seven days.

But before that, he still had to make sufficient preparations!

Since this mysterious existence was called [ Samsara Game ], then the person who entered would definitely not be on vacation!

Unfortunately, gun control in the country was too strict.

Otherwise, he would have immediately bought one for self-defense.

Li Fei knew that most of the ordinary people were still in a state of panic and confusion.

If they were to delay any longer, the cabbage leaves in the small shop downstairs would probably be robbed.

Thus, Li Fei casually glanced at the necessities and tools for survival.

He quickly took out all his savings and rushed downstairs.

As expected, the order on the street had not yet been restored.

There were crowded cars and crowds everywhere.

Now, taking a taxi was definitely an extravagant hope.

Li Fei glanced at it and ran to the large supermarket one kilometer away from home.

When he entered the supermarket, it was not empty, but there were not many people either.

Even most of the sales clerks were gone.

Only two people in suits, looking like managers, and the few remaining sales clerks were working hard to maintain order.

The people in the country were more orderly.

This wasn't really a matter of life and death yet.

Everyone was still more rational in shopping and paying.

Li Fei didn't make a sound and quickly bought the things he needed. If he couldn't find something, he would replace it with something else.

In just a short while, he had gathered a set of simple survival tools and some fast food.

After paying the bill at the vending machine, he stuffed everything into the backpack he had just bought.

Li Fei returned home once again.

At this time, there was still 6 days, 22 hours, 13 minutes, and 7 seconds left before he entered the mysterious [ Game Space ]

[ 6 days, 22 hours, 13 minutes, and 7 seconds ] left!


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