Reviews of Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game


Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game

Empire Black Knight

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Typical plot where a chick comes in and just hangs onto the main character's legs and he just accepts it instantly how disappointing. Doesn't help either as he is also poor when he got transmigrated it's just so easy to guess what happens from then I'm just...

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Hahahaha, one of the story I read in the RAWs. It’s currently up to 500th chapter (14.1.2022). It’s a transmigration story, but a slightly OP talent. Somehow the MC can do whatever he want at a REALISTIC pace, without interference of stronger power. I have read up to chapter 352 atm, and I would say I love it. Hopefully the translation is good. 5 star because some people will random 1 star it hahaha.


exp is my sword and I am it's wielder. Push me to level 4 and I shall be your benefactor. so I pray that you hit the like button and give me my exp Exp amen (also i've read this and it's not that great dont waste your time on this)


What can I say? The synopsis, while a little cliche, still managed to attract me. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


MC is brain dead. he finds out zombies can train his skills but doesn't do it. later on MC finds out zombies can train his skills (what a surprise) and only trains one skill. MC finds out zombies can craft for him which means he doesn't waste energy and proceeds to craft stuff himself. finds out they have been robbed and decides to not do anything as if they wont Rob them again. then decides to attack them then decides to wait to attack them and gets attacked while waiting. also the world is quite weird as the author decided to mix gaming, second world, and other stuff into it


Ok the novel isn't the worst I've read. It started out decently, but it is the first I have ever dropped. That is because of the pure idiocy in which the author built the world. He builds up this apocalypse that they have to go to for a certain amount of time a year. Makes it dangerous and high stakes where you need to eat and live there or you die. Then makes it into a 'game' that you have to play in a gaming rig, even though apparently you need to play or it drags you in against your will. The player can also log off at almost anytime they sleep and still has to eat in the 'real' world after getting out of the gaming rig. I can suspend my disbelief for a lot of things, but this bugged me so much I just can't keep reading.


Huh, zombie clone? So he kind of have an unlimited(Maybe limited? Most of the time, it sound nice in description only to have restriction in story) zombie goon that will follow his command and anything they do will have exp transfer to him? Why did the first guy commit suicide then?


Read all 508 chapters, great novel and I hope will have more than 10000+ chapters, it's a great concept, the only thing that I found sad is the author seems to forget about the women that appear early in the novel, but maybe is for a greater porpuse


I have no idea why people are leaving reviews with 1 star and saying this novel is bad with reasons that don't even happen. This is an amazing novel and you should read it before you decide. don't trust these reviews.


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It's a very slow pace story. The characters and MC IQ is walnut-sized, letting people attack them leave easily. Also, the most annoying character Liao Bufan exposes all the information that is supposed to be secret and acts scared and stupid all the time. He lakes common sense making stupid people seem intelligent compared to him.


I’ve read up to chapter 507 so far. The book is really enjoyable. The main character is both intelligent and ruthless, and the storyline itself is very interesting. From what I can see so far the author updates at a good pace. This book is well worth a read. ^^


Five Star support Five Star support Five Star support Five Star support Five Star support Five Star support Five Star support Five Star support


good story i think ..............................................[img=öner].............................................................................


Fairly cliche, but less than you'd expect from a Chinese translation. The pacing seems great, the Mc is OP but without feeling like he is having everything to easily. So a weird OP but at the same time weak enough where you feel like if he's complacent he'll be killed. The character development isn't great, but that's expected from a Chinese novel. But at the very least the MC is level-headed and a reasonable person, at least more so than the majority of Chinese protags. The world and game system is decent enough, the modern scenes are slightly jarring but they serve some purpose of building the world-however, slim and meaningless that may be. His abilities and the system are interesting though, I get serious project zomboid vibes from the game, and it seems like a real challenge to play let alone survive, obviously tho the MC has his cheat which makes it easier. But if anyone has played project zomboid that only makes it so that progression is occurring at a tolerable pace. If the MC didn't have a cheat it would probably take him months to level skills. Anyway it has the stamp of approval from me.


Dont mind those negative reviews, this story has a good plot development so far. This story has Huge kingdom building And Large variety of power class between reality and vr. The mc progress was perfectly good.


I was honestly surprised with how much I enjoyed the first 20 chapters. While not perfect, the world is realistic enough and the story is logical and fun. The mc's cheat is both very op and not very op at the same time which is a very good sweet spot I think.


I feel that it never gets boring even after 800 chapters. Love it.


really enjoying the novel so far im on chapter 600 and i dont plan on quiting


I read it in RAW. And this is one of my favorite novels. very interesting plot, combination of game and reality(maybe with some small errors and plot holes), interesting system of skills. it a pity some strange people who even didnt read the book give it 1 star. And LOL they complain about cliche and "world is quite weird" in the same time!!! I highly recommend this book if you interested in unusual plot and skill system. And parts with comedy is also quite good. (I think real rating must be near 4.6)