Global Castle Age: My Farmers are Level 100 Book

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Global Castle Age: My Farmers are Level 100

How am I not a Pervert

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Xu Hang was transmigrated into a world where owning a castle was the trend. The lords would have a castle of their own and would use their farmers to harvest resources. They would then use these resources to create armies and wage wars or even upgrade their technologies to build cannon towers. As a lord himself, Xu Hang realized that he could upgrade his farmers. Just as the other lords were wondering how to increase their own resources, Xu Hang’s level 10 farmers could cut down a tree with a single swing and were able to clear a forest in one day. Just as the other lords were trying to add more types of soldiers into their armies so that they could stop the monster waves, Xu Hang’s level 50 farmers were already mining rare ores in the cave of otherworldly monsters. These farmers could even kill any boss-level monster in one shot. Just as the other lords were struggling to expand their castles with bricks, Xu Hang’s level 100 farmers were already upgrading his castle with reinforced concrete. When the other lords were finally ready to start their conquest, Xu Hang had already built planes and trains. “Wars? Is it even necessary? We can just farm and harvest the resources!” Xu Hang laughed.


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