2 The Secret Of Infinity Tattoo

Winter touched her tattoo and closed her eyes. When she opened her eyes again she was standing in front of a three-story mansion.

The mansion was very beautiful with towers looming over it. The sky was clear and bright. There was a magnificent park all around the mansion.

You could see fountains and beautifully designed bushes and trees everywhere. It was a heartwarming sight. Whoever would see this place would be in awe.

This mansion was the gift that she got on her 21st birthday. The mansion was very big and the area around it was very vast but it was surrounded by a magical wall.

Even after being the owner of the mansion and the head of mages, she was unable to move through that wall. So there was no idea what laid outside the magical wall.

This mansion had three floors. The first floor was a residential area. There was a very big and comfy drawing-room, a very large modern kitchen, a dining hall, Six bedrooms with attached bathrooms, two extra bathrooms, a storeroom, an office, a balcony, and a gym.

The second floor was covered entirely by the library. But this library was not a normal library. It contained the books full of magic spells, magic history, potion books, secrets of dark magic, and who knew what.

Coming to the next and last floor. This one was the most important. The third floor was divided into two parts. The first part contained a very large room full of modern technology and modern weapons.

There was also a small medical room. The second part of the floor contained various types of ancient and magical weapons. There were potions and magical instruments lining on the shelves.

Winter opened the front door and entered the mansion. A white fluffy ball came running towards her and jumped into her arms. Winter giggled and kissed his nose and hugged him. This was snowy, winter's familiar.

Winter took him to the Master bedroom and put him on the bed. "How did you know it's me? What if I was someone dangerous?" She asked the fluffy white ball.

"I think you are forgetting that I am your familiar. No matter how you look like, I can always recognize you. I was scared that I will be unable to see you again. If it was not for the bond, I almost thought that I lost you." Snowy replied with teary eyes.

Winter kissed him again and rubbed his ears for a while. "We are going to start a new life. But before that, I need to get a warm shower. Wait for me I will be back soon." She said and went into the walk-in closet.

Since her new body was small, the clothes were too big for her. Finally, she found a black crop top and a pair of Blue Jeans shorts.

"Looks like I need to do something about these." She looked at her hair and sighed.

She couldn't cut them too short because that would make her stand out. So she only cut a few inches and gave herself a laser cutting.

After she was done with her hair, they were still long enough, coming below her waist. She went into the bathroom and took a long warm shower.

After an hour she finally came into the kitchen with a towel wrapped around her hair. She made herself sandwiches and got a jug of orange juice from the refrigerator.

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Everything in the mansion worked with magic, so there was no need for electricity.

She also fed snowy and ate her food in silence while planning for her next move.

She needed to put this new body in shape.

Changchang was malnourished from her birth, so it would take some time to get physically better. And since she was an orphan who was trash, living in a town she had very little knowledge about this world.

Since this world valued cultivation, she needed to find out what was wrong with her body.

Although she had magical powers it would be better if she kept her talents hidden for now and used them as less as possible. Also, there was nothing wrong with learning something new, and useful.

For the next few days, Winter stayed in the mansion. She started working out in the gym and practiced martial arts. She also ate a lot.

The rest of the time she spends reading magical books, making potions, and testing her range of magic. Since her new body was weak, she was unable to do magic at her full capacity as it was energy-consuming.

One evening she was sitting outside in the park with Snowy. There were paper and pencil sprawled on the table in front of them.

"According to Changchang's memory, we are in the Qi continent. There are five empires and we are in the Han empire which is the second weakest Empire. We are near to the capital city of the Han empire."

Winter added some more information on the paper while going through the information.

"There are a total of three mountain ranges in the Han empire, the one on which we are now is the shortest mountain range and also the safest. First, we need to find a way to reach the capital city. There's no way I'm gonna walk the whole day. And second, we need money."

She and snowy talked for a little while more and finally formed a plan.

After three weeks Winter finally emerged out in the real world. According to her, by now everyone must have considered her dead for sure.

And also since she was eating a lot for the past three weeks she was in much better shape than before. She was wearing a light blue colored dress. Her hair was designed simply with two very beautiful flower headbands. She looked just like a cute little miss of some noble family. But if you could see her feet you would die from laughing so hard.

It took her a little bit of time to remember that she could design clothes with magic. So she tried to remember about the dresses that she had seen in those Chinese dramas and made few outfits for herself.

But no matter how much she tried to remember about the design of shoes she was unable to. So she finally gave up and decided to wear sneakers.

(The most asked question of this story so far is definitely the one where everyone is curious to know exactly how Snowy looks like. 

Oops! My bad. I forgot to mention that our cute little Snowy is a white Pomeranian. Though he's a simple dog but.......remember that he's a familiar which means anything could happen!)

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