20 The Problem In Soil

Li Ming looked at the boy who was covered in blood and could die any moment.

She crouched down beside him and placed her hand on his head. She poured her healing power into his body.

Soon a yellow light appeared and the cuts on the body of the boy started healing. Just in a few seconds, the boy was healed completely and all the blood that was covering his body and skin vanished.

Before the people could even realize what was happening in front of them. Both the girl and the boy disappeared in the thin air.

From that day the gossips of an immortal doctor who could perform miracles, was started in the Capital city. But of course, no one knew the true identity of the girl.


Li Ming appeared in her room at the inn and laid down the boy on her bed.

She poured a light pink color potion into his mouth.

After making sure that he was not going to wake up for next eight or nine hours, she informed Elder Fu to not disturb her.

She entered the mansion and went into the Spell room. She took out the soil samples that she had collected from the fields and ran some experiments.

After a couple of experiments, she finally realized the problem. It looked like the soil had some kind of poison in it that was making it unfertilized with a slow speed.

It was either the seeds or the water that was making it unfertilized. The water was drank by the entire village and according to her no one was having any kind of problem. It meant that the problem was with the seeds.

It was not hard to understand that whoever was selling these seeds to the villagers was behind this.

Li Ming put the soil aside and went towards the largest shelf in the room. After looking for a few minutes, she finally found what she was looking for.

It was a crystal ball with different types of runes on it. Li Ming placed the ball with the bag of seeds.

After that she and Snowy (who kept cursing her till they finished their work) started preparing various seeds of vegetables and fruits.

Although what Li Ming was planning to do would take time and a lot of hard work, but she was sure that if the villagers gave their 100% they would be successful.

After they completed their preparation for the next day, Li Ming left the mansion and appeared in her room.

She came downstairs and told Elder Fu that she would be going away for a while but would pay a visit to the inn every week. She also gave six or seven  new sets of Stratego to Madam Fu. After looking through the entire day's business, she again returned back inside her room.

The business of the inn was running smoothly. That's why she was sure that she could leave the responsibility of the inn in the hands of Elder Fu and his family.

Li Ming spent the night in cultivating her spiritual powers as the coming days would be tiring and power consuming.


Next morning Li Ming woke up the little boy. The boy was surprised to see himself alive and in a complete strange place.

He looked at Li Ming and remembered that she was the same girl who stopped Zhu Xiang the previous day from killing him.

"Why?" His voice was barely a whisper.

"Huh....!" Li Ming was not sure what the boy was asking.

"We don't have time. If you have some place to go then tell me, I'll send you there. If not then get up and follow me." Li Ming didn't wait for his reply and left the room.

Actually she already knew from his thoughts that the boy was a beggar. He certainly had no place to return, that's why she didn't wait for his answer.

The boy hesitated for a moment but then followed Li Ming downstairs. He realized that his clothes were different from before. Rather than his usual rags, now he was wearing light grey colour clothes.

Although he wanted to ask Li Ming who changed his clothes but then he changed his mind and kept quiet.

When they came downstairs, he found that they were in an inn. Li Ming brought him to a table and asked him to sit down.

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Elder Fu was surprised to see a strange boy with the Young Miss. "Who is this, Miss Li?" He asked while pouring coffee for all three of them.

"He is....." Li Ming stopped and then looked at the boy.

"What's your name?" She asked the boy as she passed him the coffee.

Both Elder Fu and the boy looked at Li Ming with surprised eyes. The boy finally replied, "I'm Xian."

"Right! He's Xian." Li Ming told Elder Fu and continued to sip the coffee.

Elder Fu didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He didn't say anything and asked his daughter to bring the breakfast for  Miss Li and Xian.

The boy had not eaten a full belly food for years. This was the first time someone was offering him so much food without him begging for it.

His eyes turned moist as he looked at Li Ming who was putting a little bit of every dish in his plate.

She looked at him and smiled softly. Then she started eating her own food. He could tell just by looking at her that she was not used to eating with the veil on.

He picked up his chopsticks and started to eat the warm food. He wanted to enjoy the food as much as he could because who knew when he had to go back to his previous life.

After they both finished their breakfast, Li Ming asked all the servants and the Huang family to gather in the back room.

After giving instructions, she sent all of them back to their work.

She gave the address of the orphanage to Elder Fu and told him to send her a message if something important happened or if they need her.

After she made sure that everything was fine with the inn, she finally went towards Xian, who was standing in front of the Terrarium, looking at it with curiosity.

"Do you like it?" Li Ming asked as she approached him.

"Umm...Yeah! It's beautiful." Xian said a little embarrassedly.

"Alright! We are getting late. Let's go." Li Ming said as she offered him her hand.

Xian looked at her hand and asked, "Where are we going?"

"It's a surprise. Now lets go." She didn't give him a chance this time and held his hand before teleporting both of them to the orphanage.

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