3 The Capital City

Winter came down the mountain and started towards the town.

She was wearing a veil so that no one could recognize her. When she finally reached the village she took a long deep breath and decided to find someone to ask about some way to go to the capital city.

According to the previous owner of the body, there was a family of merchants who lived in the town. Maybe she could ask them for help.

After asking someone for the address, She made her way to the merchant's house. After waiting for a while finally an old man in his late fifties came out of the house.

"This Young Miss, can I help you?" The old man asked her while bowing a little.

"Actually I want to go back to the capital city but I don't have any money. Kind Sir, can you help me please?" Winter said while pouting but then she realized that she was wearing a veil on her face.

"This... How did you end up here in the first place? And is there no one with you?" The old man looked at her suspiciously.

Here comes the FBI interrogation. Can't these people just help me without using their mind to all its extent?

Winter smiled and asked the old man, "Are you having some problems in your legs? They keep hurting all the time and it becomes worst during the winter season. Also, you are becoming old and there's no one except you in your family who is able to earn an income. If old sir can help me than I can also help you. If you want I can heal you completely."

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The old man looked at her with shocked eyes. "How... How do you know...?" His voice stammered as he asked.

"Just tell whether you are accepting my deal or not. I don't have the whole day to spend. I think my deal is good enough. You help me reach the Capital City and in return, I'll cure your illness." Winter said with a little bit of sharp edge in her voice. She was not known for her patience.

It's not like she was some great miraculous doctor. Although she had medicinal knowledge they were not on an otherworldly level.

But she had something that was much more fun than that. She had the ability of mind reading. Unless or until someone was not guarding their thoughts with great strength she could easily read their thoughts. That's why she knew about the old man's condition.

The man thought for a while and finally said yes. "How long will it take?" He asked with anticipation.

Winter told him to put his palm outwards. The merchant hesitated for a while but finally gave in.

Winter placed her hand over his palm. Soon the man felt his whole body covering in a warm cocoon. This feeling was too good to be able to describe in words. When Winter removed her hand the man was shocked to find that his legs were completely fine. "Th... They are... "He was too shocked to say anything.

Winter looked directly into his eyes and said "Now take me to the Capital city. You will forget about what had happened here. You will forget about me. Your legs healed because of all the care that your wife had shown you for all these years. Do you understand?"

The old man nodded his head while looking at her in a trance.

"Good." She had an evil but beautiful smile on her face. The old man left to prepare for the journey.

"I still can't understand. Why didn't you compel him in the starting? You could have easily made him help you. Then why did you wasted all your energy in healing his legs?" Snowy asked in her head through their bond.

"When did I actually teach you to be so ungrateful?" She reprimanded him.

Snowy made a pouting face and shut his mouth.

When they finally reached the Capital city, it was already late in the evening.ย  Winter thanked the old merchant and started walking on the busy evening street of the capital. The street was full of people. Everyone was busy with their businesses.

She roamed through the streets and visited various inns. She also went to a book shop and talked with a few people. She could not only read thoughts but she could also gain information while touching things, though the later one needed too much energy and focus.

By the time she returned back inside the mansion, she had gained enough knowledge about the Han Empire.

But what left her speechless was that this world was not just a normal ancient one rather the people of this new world cultivated some sort of spiritual energy to reach immortality.

There were various levels of cultivation.

1. Basic Cultivator ( 9 levels )

2. Middle Cultivator ( 9 levels)

3. High Cultivator ( 9 levels)

4. Elder Cultivator (6 levels)

5. Great Elder Cultivator ( 6 levels)

6. Master Cultivator ( 6 levels)

7. Grand Master Cultivator ( 6 levels)

8. Lord Cultivator ( 5 levels)

9. High lord Cultivator ( 5 levels)

10. Overlord Cultivator ( 5 levels)

11. Prime Cultivator ( 3 levels)

12. Divine Cultivator ( 3 levels)

13. Immortal Cultivator ( 3 levels)

14. High Immortal / Celestial Immortal

[A|N:ย I know that I ended up overdoing the levels, but damn the deed is already done, and at this stage, it's not possible to change it *sigh*]

The strongest person in the Han empire was at Grand Master First cultivation level. He was none other than the great General Wei.

The second most powerful person in the Han empire was Prime Minister Zhu, who was at Master Cultivator's sixth level. This clearly means that both of these people hate each other like birth enemies. And these both were a great headache for the emperor.

The Imperial family also had some powerful people. But as you could see the people in the Han empire were not too powerful when compared to other empires.

Winter decided to visit the black market the next day. She needed to earn money as soon as possible. Being the head of the mage clan, she had taken care of their business system.

Her clan was the richest among all the supernatural clans. She had full faith in herself that with her modern business knowledge she would be able to start something here too.

Just wait for her to become the Empress of the Business World!

As far as she had learned about this world, it's no different from the modern world. Here also the strong and powerful were respected and feared. The one who was not powerful enough was always treated as low. And she had never considered herself as weak.

Her goal was to become the most powerful so that no one could look down at her. She was used to be on top and that's what she was going to do again.

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