4 The Black Market

The next morning Winter woke up early and went to the underground black market of the Imperial city. To go into the black market you had to go through an inn. In the back room of the inn, there was a door that led to the black market. You could see guards standing at the entrance. The only condition of entering the black market was to have lots of money and Since her clothes were of high quality and she gave a noble aura no one stopped her.

Inside the black market, there was every kind of shop. Cultivation Books, weapons, herbs, medicines, elixirs, precious stones, and so on. The people who came into the black market were all from high profile family. There were also a few inns.

She took a look at the various shops for a while. The price of each item was so high.

After satisfying her curiosity, she finally decided to take a look at the inns.

The first inn that she entered was the biggest inn of the black market. It was beautifully decorated and the people serving the customers were also well mannered. The atmosphere inside the inn was very soothing. The other three inns were also filled with customers and there were also dancers and musicians (mostly beautiful women) to entertain the guests.

Winter finally arrived in front of a small inn. It was at the very end of the street. Only a few people could be seen entering or leaving the inn.

She entered the inn. Although the place was small it was perfectly clean. You could smell a very light fragrance in the air. Only two tables were occupied.

On one table were sitting three men who were playing chess and the second table was occupied by an elderly man and woman, who were drinking tea in silence.

The elder man's name was Huang Fu. He was in his late forties. He was the owner of this inn and the woman was his wife. They had opened their inn, in the black market nearly two decades ago. Their business was going well until the new inns took over. Since the other inns offered entertainment in the name of beautiful women, the customers were more interested to visit the other inns. This made their business came to an end. Their staff also left as he (Huang Fu) was unable to pay them anymore. Only two or three people now visited this inn in a day.

Although Huang Fu wanted his business to run smoothly again he couldn't make himself hire beauties to achieve his goal. He was not that kind of person. Today he and his wife were discussing finally closing the inn.

Mind reading was really handy. It could help in most needed moments. Winter smiled darkly and went towards the older couple.

The couple saw her coming towards them and stood up to greet her.

"Young Miss, please take a seat. How can I help you?" The older woman asked in a cheerful voice.

Winter sat down at their table and looked towards both of them and replied with a soft smile, "I'm not here to ask for help. But it's the other way around. I'm here to offer you help."

She looked at the questioning expression of the old couple and asked them to take a seat.

"Please sit down and hear me out first." The man and his wife finally sat down after a minute. The woman poured tea and offered it to Winter.

Winter accepted the tea and took a sip. It was neither too sweet nor bitter. It was... OK!

She looked at the couple in front of her and finally said, "I know that your business is not going well and you may even be deciding to end it. But I can make your business run with twice the speed of that of "Breezing Flowers".

"Breezing Flowers" was the name of the biggest in the black market.

Huang Fu laughed a little and said, "Young Miss, if I wanted then I would have made my business number one in the black market by hiring those beauties. But I'm not interested in this kind of business."

"You are too judgemental Elder Fu. I never said that you have to hire beauties to make your business a success." The couple looked at her in puzzlement.

"Then what are you talking about?" Elder Fu asked.

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"There are many ways to get people's attention. You don't have to worry about it. I'll not do something that you don't like. Just tell whether you are interested in my offer or not?" She asked while looking at the couple.

"Why are you helping us? What do you want in return?" The old madam asked with a little suspicion.

"You are smart. It's true that I'm not helping you two out of kindness but I have my own purpose." She looked at the couple for a while and when neither of them said anything she continued, "I want you and your family to work for me including your two daughters and your son."

Elder Fu was not surprised that the little girl knew about his two daughters. Since he was working in the black market for nearly two decades, everyone knew him and his family. But what surprised him was the mention of his son. Other than his own family very few people knew about the existence of his son.

"How do...do you know about my son? " Elder Fu asked with a Little fear

in his voice.

Winter smiled softly and said, "I'm here for business. Of course, I will be fully prepared. Don't worry, my intentions are not bad. You already know what I want from you. And if my first proposal is not enough for you to decide then I have another one for you. If you agree to work for me then... I will cure your son completely."

Elder Fu and his wife were too shocked to say anything. It was the truth that their son had an incurable disease. No matter wherever and whoever they had asked for help, everyone said that the disease was impossible to cure. But after all these years, there was a little girl who was saying that she could cure their son.

"According to me, you have nothing to lose. I think my offer is more than anyone can ever offer you. But I will still give you a day. Think properly and discuss it with your family. I will visit you tomorrow to know your answer. I hope you will choose wisely." Winter gave a final glance to the couple and left the inn.

If she wanted she could make them work for her using her compulsion. But she had some morals and she knew that she had the ability to achieve her goal with her talents.

She exited the black market and came out on the busy market street. She was hungry and tired. So she went in an empty alley and entered into her mansion.

No one noticed that a little girl vanished in the middle of the day without any trace.

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