17 Start Of Cultivation Journey

Li Ming stared at the entrance of the inn after Zhang Yong left, for a while. The expressions on her face were unreadable.

After a few minutes, she finally looked at the money in her hand and a large smile appeared on her face. Although she had tired out herself but the end result of the day was still pleasing.

She put the money inside a safe in the mansion and then cleaned the main room and kitchen with a spell. She packed all the extra food in small packages and washed everything with her magic.

After making sure that everything was in order, she gave the food packages to the guards and closed the main door of the inn and left for her room.

Li Ming ate her dinner inside the kitchen of the mansion. Although she could have eaten her food with others in the main room but it was better to eat alone than fighting with the veil through out the dinner.

After finishing her food she went to the top floor of the mansion. She went inside the spell room and searched for the book she was looking for. After a little while, she finally found the book in a corner of the room.

After looking through the book she finally found the right spell. She knew the spell for duplication but by duplicating spiritual herbs, she would not be able to achieve the required result. That's why she needed another spell for her mission.

She opened the file manager in her phone and looked at the photos she had taken that morning. Then she closed her eyes and concentrated on the shelf number of the herbs in the Herb Hall.

The next second, all the herbs that she had asked Elder Fang, to see in the morning were lying on the table in front of Li Ming.

Next Li Ming muttered another spell and the empty spaces of the herbs on the shelves in the Herb Hall were again occupied by exactly the same herbs.

After she successfully completed her mission. She picked up the herbs and started making a potion.

Nearly after an hour, the potion was ready. Although according to the book, she needed to make pills of these herbs but since she had no cultivation powers, she couldn't make those pills.

Also something was telling her that making a potion of these herbs while using her magical ingredients, would be more beneficial.

And she had always listened to her instincts. That's why she made a potion. It was dark blue in color. Neither very bad smelling but also not good one too.

She let the potion to cool down and when it was at the right temperature, she drank the entire vial of potion.

Just in a few seconds, she felt like hundreds of knives were cutting her lower dantian into pieces. She had never felt such pain in either of her lives. She fell on her knees as the pain became unbearable.

Li Ming's face was pale and sweat was dripping down on the carpet. Her clothes and hair were also wet because of the sweat.

It felt like centuries had passed when the pain finally started to fade into nothingness.

After the pain was completely gone,

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Li Ming took long breaths and let her fast beating heart calm down a little.

She made herself sit in a lotus position. Then she closed her eyes and tried to let her power flow inside her body. This time when the power reached her lower dantian, she didn't felt any blockage.

Li Ming was shocked beyond words. According to the book, she needed to take the pills five times before her dantian would be unblocked.

But the potion healed her just in one time.

Since the mansion had no spiritual energy inside it, Li Ming could not start her cultivation.

She placed everything back on their places and left the room to take a shower.

After making sure that she was completely clean, she put on her pajamas and tied her hair into a bun.

Then she left the mansion and appeared in her room inside the inn.

She again sat down cross legged on the bed and closed her eyes.

She concentrated on the air around her. Soon she realized that there were colorful particles swimming around her.

She concentrated her focus on the particles and started collecting the spiritual energy inside her body.

The particles rushed into her and gathered in her dantian without any obstacle.

Li Ming had read the entire book of basic cultivation last night. So, she more or less knew exactly what to do.

She didn't even realized but by the time she stopped, it was already the time for sunrise.

That mean she was awake the entire night but she was not even a little bit exhausted. On the other hand, she was feeling relaxed and energetic.

She had already reached the 2nd level of Basic Cultivator just in a few hours.

The next entire week went smoothly. The number of customers increases as the days passed by.

Due to some miracle the Fourth Prince didn't visit the inn for the whole week. It seemed like Li Ming could finally take a break from her cooking for a while.

The game of Stratego also became famous in the Black Market. Wei Rong and the others also visited the inn often to spend their time in playing a few rounds with Li Ming.

They were getting better and better each day. By the third day, they started playing with each other, which was a relief for her.

Li Ming visited the Orphanage twice in the past week. She started the training of the children.

Since, it was the first time they were given the chance to learn something, all the children were excited. They paid their full attention to her teachings.

Li Ming spent her days taking care of the inn and orphanage. She also visited the Herb Hall everyday for two hours to learn about the herbs.

While at night she spent her time in cultivating her spiritual powers.

Since, she had strong internal force and with the help of her magical potions, the level of her cultivation was increasing rapidly.

By the end of the week, Li Ming already reached the 5th level of Basic Cultivators.

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