7 Introduction to a New World of. Games

Elder Fu served tea and also stood at the side to watch the game.

Soon the game began. Li Ming agreed that Wei Rong was really a great player but no matter how great of a player he was, in the end the one who lost was him.

It was the first time in his life that he had lost in the game of chess. All the people present in the room were also speechless. The little girl was really a genius.

The guards were worried that their master would loose his cool but they were also rendered speechless when Wei Rong started laughing so hard. They thought that the eldest son of the General manor had lost his mind.

"Young Miss, you are indeed a great player. Can you tell me who taught you to play this game?" Wei Rong was in a good mood. Although he lost in the game but finally he met someone who was at a level to become his opponent.

"Master Rong, some things are meant to be a secret." Li Ming said with a soft smile.

Wei Rong nodded his head and pushed the pouch of money towards her.

Li Ming picked up the pouch and gave it to Elder Fu. Wei Rong noticed that but decided to remain silent for meanwhile. He also heard Elder Fu calling her Miss Li.

"If I'm not wrong then there is no family in the capital city with the name of Li." Wei Rong asked her.

"When did I say that I'm from the Imperial city?" She asked him with a little twitch on her lips.

"Ahhh!...." Wei Rong shook his head on his stupidity.

She smiled and asked him, "Do Master Rong want to try something new for a change?"

Wei Rong looked at her and asked curiously about what she was talking about.

And that's how the game of Snakes and ladders started in the silent inn at the end of the street of the black market.

The game was new and really interesting. They had never played such a game before, so everyone wanted to try it.

Thus everyone ended up playing it once. By the time the game finally ended it was already reaching the night time. Everyone was in a good mood.

Wei Rong promised to come back a few days later with some of his friends to play the game and left the inn with his guards.

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The money that the inn made today was more than what they normally or you could say barely made in a month. And the 1000 silver taels was a bonus.

Li Ming gave 100 silver taels to Elder Fu and asked him to prepare for the next day.

"But Young Miss, we have enough money from today's income to prepare everything for tomorrow." Madam Fu said.

"Use that for your family. Madam Fu you are good at accounting right?" She asked.

When Madam Fu nodded her head she said, "Hire a 13/14 year old child and teach her/him accounting. From tomorrow onwards you will take care of the inn's account book. I'll check it at the end of the day."

She gave a few more instructions and then left. She was also tired.

She took a shower, ate noodles and then submitted to her much needed sleep.


The very next morning, Li Ming woke up early and went to the black market.

But what she did next left the whole Huang family speechless. Till now they were not sure how strong she was because even Elder Fu, who was at Elder Cultivator sixth level, was not able to feel her cultivation powers.

But after what they saw that morning was something that even he couldn't do with his cultivation powers. Although they had already made an oath to serve her but after seeing her level of powers the whole family decided to serve their master with their lives.

As Li Ming could read minds, so she already knew what all of them were thinking. She was relieved that her power show didn't go wasted.

The first thing that she had done was to clean the entire inn with magic. Then out of nowhere, sea blue colored curtains with very beautiful designs covered the windows. A few modern paintings of landscapes were also appeared on the walls. Although they had never seen paintings like these before but even they could tell that the paintings were very beautiful and costly (the paintings were inside the glass frame and at that time glass was not even invented).

One could see very beautiful plants in designer pots in every corner of the inn. The tables and chairs also got organized in a very beautiful manner.

The entire inn changed into a very beautiful place. Everyone was in awe.

Li Ming had used too much of her energy in decorating the inn. She taught Madam Fu and her two daughters how to take care of the plants.

The inn had three floors. The ground floor had the dinning area (main room), a storage and a kitchen. The first and second floors contained sleeping quarters. There were total of twelve rooms in the inn.

It took almost all of her energy to decorate the first and second floors. But after an hour she was finally done. She was impressed by her work. But since she had used all of her powers, it would take her some days to regain her energy.

Once again she thought about cultivating. If she could start cultivation then her magical powers would also become strong. Although she had the healing powers but she couldn't heal something that she didn't know. She had no idea what was wrong with her body. There was no poison in her body. Since she didn't know the source, she was unable to heal herself.

The last thing that she did was to place a small but very beautiful Terrarium on a table in the middle of the main room. It was the most beautiful thing in the entire inn.

Elder Fu and his family also came behind Li Ming to see the jar closely.

The magical mansion had so many beautiful and precious things in it. As she was going to spend more time in the inn, then there was no use in keeping these things in the mansion.

Also she knew that this Terrarium will attract people's attention, as it was something they had never seen in their lives before.

"Miss Li, what is this thing? It's really beautiful. We have never seen something like this before even in the black market." Huang Ling said with great curiosity.

"It's just something for decoration. I thought that it will look good in here. You have just to make sure that no one knock it off, otherwise it will break." Li Ming told them.

"Young Miss, you have changed the entire inn in such a way that even I can't recognize it anymore. At such a young age your cultivation level is really admirable." Madam Fu said with awe.

Although they were stupefied by her powers but they were also smart. They knew that unless their master want they couldn't tell anyone about her unique and special powers.

After everything was ready, Madam Fu brought a 13 year old girl with her to meet Li Ming.

"Miss Li, this is Ming Zhu. She's the daughter of one of my relatives. I think she will be a great student."

Li Ming looked at the girl and found out that she had no bad intentions towards the Huang family or the inn. She just want a job so she could take care of her sick mother.

"Alright! As long as she will not create any problem, you can keep her by your side and teach her. Give her 2 silver coins for her salary. Once she will learn then I'll increase her salary. Also provide her with a package of food to take home for her mother and little brother. " Li Ming told Madam Fu.

Ming Zhu thanked her. After that both she and madam Fu bowed and left.

Li Ming went to the middle table of the room and put a modern day incense burner on the table beside the jar.

Soon the air was filled with a light fragrance of sandal wood and rose. The incense was actually a magical one. It had the properties of healing and rejuvenating the body of a person. The sweet and light smell was really soothing and relaxing.

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